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e-learning forum draws heavyweight support

e-learning forum draws heavyweight support | MELT: “Sally Ann Moore, MELT Director. MELT will take place at Madinat Jumeirah Convention Centre on April 5-6, bringing together in the Middle East for the first time specialists, vendors and users of e-learning and knowledge management. “

Will staff embrace e-learning

News: “The march of high technology has brought with it a quick and convenient way of acquiring new skills on the job: e-learning. But it has yet to take off because it isn’t cheap. Research has found that smaller firms are unlikely to have enough surplus profit to plough into e-learning platforms or courseware”

e-Learning Centre: Designing e-learning

e-Learning Centre: Designing e-learning: “City & Guilds Sound Engineering Quality Assurance ‘A look at some of the quality assurance issues in running an online e-learning sound engineering course.’ Chris Hambly, Director, Audio Courses Added: 10 April 2005 Reviewer’s Note: This paper considers quality assurance issues relating to the City & Guilds 1820 Sound Engineering Part 3″

Filipino publishing firm moves to e-learning

Filipino publishing firm moves to e-learning – INQ7.netLeveraging on its accumulated content, the Diwa Asia Publishing Group Inc. decided this year to aggressively implement an e-learning strategy in a package combining an interactive student resource called “Genyo;” mobile school software; a teacher-training course on technology; Internet connectivity; and access to an online portal.

E-Learning Industry Growing As Powerful Tool For Smaller Businesses

ITSPA: Four-Billion-Dollar E-Learning Industry Growing As Powerful Tool For Smaller Businesses: “Electronic-learning, which is increasingly used as a productivity tool by small to medium-size businesses (SMBs), has become a $4 billion industry growing at 10-15 percent yearly, reported the Information Technology Solution Providers Alliance (ITSPA), a national, non-profit group that helps SMBs understand how technology and local technology providers can help them succeed. “