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Bare Knuckle Blues Band Photo Shoot

Bare Knuckle Blues Band

I’ll have more of these coming soon, but thought you might enjoy seeing yours truly in this photo shoot for The Bare Knuckle Blues Bland. I’ll be honest with you I did find the whole thing slightly amusing and had a bad case of the giggles for a while. It’s so funny being told to “pose” this way and that way, which often feels uncomfortable, for me, anyway. However, the photographer Bjorn was so professional in this shoot, so hat tip to him.

What do you think of the shot?

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A quick press

I’ve not posted anything for days, or is it weeks? Weeks I guess, but let’s not let that deter you or I. I shall be attempting to write more frequently, particularly in light of so many cool projects flying around at the moment. In the mean time hit me up on G+ over here