Easter gigs

I’ve a couple back to back gigs this Easter weekend with the Bare Knuckle Blues Band. Should be a blast for sure, as we are fresh out of the studio having recorded 4 cover songs, as a prelude, and studio practice to an album (yet to be written). I’m excited by the prospect of writing songs again it has been a while, but once begun I find they ideas tend to flow pretty quickly.

Happy holidays to you.

Interview Question

I saw this on facebook and it make me laugh out loud. I’ve no idea where it came from, but had to share it with you. Really taps into my type of humour.



Like a virgin

I recall very vividly visiting Plymouth as a kid in the late 70s and witnessing a mass group of punks hanging out around the local Virgin record store. It was clear, I felt it, I sensed the emotion that something really important, something big was taking place. Naturally I was not old enough to truly appreciate what that was, yet I knew this was fucking cool, and I had to have a piece of it.

As time went on I also become a punk of sorts, formed a band with three chords and yes, relished the anti-establishment culture that was rocking society.

I’ve always enjoyed Richard Branson’s outlook, his have fun at all costs attitude, his daring adventures and desire to break the stale mate.

You might enjoy this book too, it’s an easy read, in small bite sized chunks based around a chapter question.

Are you building your own network on your territory?

A strange title, but let me explain.

When we all started out on the Internet we all built email lists, forums, a network on our own websites, our own domains and databases. Yet as social has become the dominant force on the Internet the trend is for individuals and brands to instead utilise third party platforms for building out their following. The conversations between brand and customer often now take place on facebook, twitter, or G+.

It’s hardly surprising this has happened, we all tend to follow the crowd and go where the people are, and we SHOULD. Added to that these networks make it simple, absolutely easy for us to sign-up and feed on the crack of the networks.

The trouble with all of this though is that we are at the mercy of these networks, in so much that the following points should be a cause for concern.

  • we don’t own the data
  • we can’t directly monetise the data
  • we can’t generally back-up the data
  • if the platform sells, fails, dies, we could lose our community

My advise is to focus on building your community on your own turf as much as possible and use these third party networks to funnel in traffic  to your own territory.

What’s your view?