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I'll get around to posting something more coherent here soon.

It’s important to enjoy the now


I’m fortunate enough to have grown up by the sea. I’ve lived away from the sea, both nationally and internationally, but I’m delighted I’m now settled and again living by the sea.

Now the reason I speak of this is simple. At this time of year my hometown tends to be bathed in sun, that all important source of vitamin D.

It makes perfect sense to me to ensure I shift my working patterns in order to take full advantage of living in the now. Going outside. Taking some sun, for it will not last all year, is a priority and I’m so happy, actually grateful, that my self-employed situation affords this.

I say to you, live in the now. Find a way to organise your life to make it happen.

PayPal Here


So I’ve been playing with PayPal Here service of late for a business. It’s been very good so far, I’ll report more in time. 

Wigs and hair accessories

wigs and hair accessories

Wigs and hair accessories: who knew!

So I’ve been helping a lovely local business out with their selling of wigs and hair accessories.

I’m really enjoying being out and about and going micro-local with my business plan currently, it is really enabling me to understand so many different types of businesses and their mentality, process and expectations. It truly is excellent research and experience.

What really made me stand up and ponder was the market that exists for these products, and how this business, through me providing them with an eCommerce shop, is thriving and obtaining sales nationwide, something that would have been impossible for them without the online shop.

Groovy, I love helping businesses this way.

Falmouth Boats: Find out why

Falmouth Boats

I grew up in Falmouth and have quite literally grown up on Falmouth Boats in so many ways, more ways than I can recount in a small post.

OK, so I also own boats, but even before I owned Falmouth boats I was in and out of every type of boat you can imagine. I’ve sailed on working boats, dinghies, been on tugs, fishing boats, speedboats, oil tankers, barges, gin palaces, Royal Navy ships, enormous factory ships and even deep sea trawling, you name it I’ve had my fill of boats in Falmouth.

Why am I posting this? I guess I’m just keeping you informed about me and seeing as I’m mostly hanging out in Falmouth these days you ought to get in touch and come and have a ride in one of my Falmouth boats.


Tall Ships Falmouth

I’m getting uber excited about our hire boats for tall ships in falmouth as the event is quite literally amazing!

Our boats will no doubt be sold out way before the 4 days of festivities from Aug 28 through 31, and quite rightly so, who would not want to experience this in a boat themselves?

I can recall the Tall Ships Falmouth back when I was a kid, also hanging around with self-drive boats in Cornwall, and the impression was a lasting one, I’m genuinely very excited.


Divorce in Cornwall

No, not me, I’m not getting divorced in Cornwall, or anywhere for that matter, but what I am doing is looking at the search results for a couple of websites, albeit client websites and just teasing out a few issues, well not even teasing out, playing really, as well, that’s what I do best.

The reason I have called this post divorce in Cornwall is just one of those things I do when I’m looking to play with some search rankings for that term.

I shall update on this before too long, probably …..


Where have all the good times gone?

Where have the good times gone?

Where have the good times gone?

I’ve not started reading this yet, but for sure I will. I shall read this beginning very soon for this was a gift from a guy I have met but twice, for very brief chats, likely a total of 6 minutes, the third occasion we met he handed me this book.

I met Kevin in a pub, he came to watch a band I play keyboards in. After hearing about my background in the audio industry he suggested I might enjoy to read “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?” (you can buy that book through that link).

These sort of encounters are quite wonderful, and I thank you Kevin.