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I teach people with my "How To Build A Business Online" products and guides.

How To Build a Business Online

I provide products, guides, tips, case studies, entire systems and successful processes that teach you how to leverage the Internet for building a business and generating income.

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About Me

Allow me to tell you a short story, so you can understand how I am qualified to help you with your goals. I have a few milestone moments to tell you about.

Milestone 1

I’ve been active on the Internet since the mid 90s, yes, that’s a while ago isn’t it?

It all began with music and teaching.

After leaving the Royal Navy (it really didn’t suit me) in the early 90s, I started playing a lot of guitar in working bands. We were playing concerts at holiday camps, weddings and clubs, lunchtime jazz gigs too. It was during this time I was asked by Bob (RIP dear Bob x), a band member friend and amazing inspirational musician, to teach at a local college. Bob was a music teacher and had recently been hired to set-up a music department for the local college.

I resisted Bob’s request for a long time, as I couldn’t imagine how he wanted me to help him teach music and sound engineering, I kept saying are you serious? Really? Me?

Bob invested a lot of enthusiasm and eventually persuaded me to give it a go. This became one of the first major milestones for me, I was hooked on teaching, and you know what? I was very good at it too. It felt correct, it felt like this was my purpose, everything about it felt natural.

Looking back he saw potential in me and I’m so very grateful he did, as that single event changed the direction of my life forever.

Working with Bob we grew the music department from a mere dozen or so students in the first year to a whopping 300 or so by the time I decided to move on to other things. It became really apparent one of my core strengths was academic entrepreneurship.

As early as the mid 90s I started to put teaching materials online so my students could access this material from home, I wanted to make it easy for them to study, to learn, I was fascinated by educational technology, and its potential.

During this time I had zero teaching qualifications and decided to change that, so I enrolled straight into a Master of Arts in Educational Technology, again this was a huge milestone for me.

For my three year final thesis for the Masters I researched designed and developed an Internet school for music technology. It was in fact the first in the World of its kind. Let’s put this into perspective. This was 1999/2000/2001, I mean nobody was using the Internet in this way to teach music technology.

I tell you about how I built that online school in my “How To Build a Business Online” products, but for now the point is I eventually sold it 8 years later to The School of Audio Engineering for half a million dollars.

Milestone 2

I stayed on with the buyer and consulted for them for three years, migrating my systems into their global network of campuses and colleges (over 50 countries). During this point we had over 50 teachers and courses reaching people in every corner of the world.

When I parted company with SAE I set up a consultancy helping other businesses to get online, teach their customers, generate leads, convert traffic, digital marketing, social media etc. You see running an online school for so long, building it from scratch through to success sale really does give you a huge advantage. I worked with huge clients like Coca-Cola, BP, Kickers, Direct Line during this time pulling in 5 figure retainer salaries monthly.

I really can say I’ve walked the walk, been there and done it.

Milestone 3

So what I’m doing now with my “How To Build a Business Online” is teaching again, and showing people like you how to do the same.

If you're looking for a get rich scheme quickly I'm not for you, you're best to move on.

However, if you are interested in leverage the Internet to expand your current business or start a new one I can most definitely help you. I will also say that it is entirely possible to generate significant income through the Internet.

On a personal note, I am married to my beautiful and supportive wife, we have three wonderful children which is my absolute primary reason why I continue doing what I'm doing.

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All the best

Chris Hambly

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