Google book plan angers the French

Google book plan angers the French: “A PLAN by Google to put books from some of the world’s great libraries online has angered the French.

California-based Google Inc said last December it would scan millions of books and periodicals into its popular search engine over the next few years.”

Belief Engine

Belief Engine (Skeptical Inquirer May 1995): “Despite high confidence on the part of both believers and disbelievers, in most instances, neither side has much — if any — objective evidence to back its position. Some of these beliefs, such as telepathy and astrology, stand in contradiction to the current scientific worldview and are therefore considered by many scientists to be ‘irrational.’ Others are not at all inconsistent with science, and whether or not they are based in fact, no one would consider them to be irrational. “

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music services from Napster and Virgin Digital

New York Post Online Edition: business: “New ‘all you can eat’ online music services from Napster and Virgin Digital hope to convince song lovers that renting is better than owning.
If first reactions are any indication, it’ll be a tough fight. Many online critics and blogs are blasting the recently launched Napster To Go, which charges a $15 a month subscription fee. Members are allowed to download as much music as they like to their computer or portable player”

Classroom-style learning or e-learning via the desktop

By The Numbers: “Does your company rely more on traditional classroom-style learning or e-learning via the desktop? Either way you answer, the likely common denominator of that training is rich-media content in all of its digitally expressive forms. And therein lies the challenge for media managers and producers. Clients now want nothing short of the miraculous when it comes to training their employees: Training must be effective, cost-efficient, media-rich, interactive, entertaining, and available 24/7. According to Fairfield Research, U.S. corporations spent about $11.9 billion on employee learning and training of all kinds in 2003. By one estimate, that�s 37 percent higher than the entire motion-picture industry.”

Cornish Accent Strong With Ivor’s ASDA Politic

Captain Ivor, the Cornish legend, has a seemingly bottomless labyrinth of strong political opinions, often highly engaging and always entertaining, his views are addictive and yet can be controversial. Forget about politically correctness and enjoy freedom of speech at its best.

In this episode we see Ivor voicing his opinion on why supermarket cafe food-bills should always be paid after the food has actually been eaten, and rightly bloody so too!

Click on Ivor to view the ASDA Opinion

Check back often for more Ivor delights from Cornwall.

Online marketing with search engines

Search engine traffic is an altogether different beast compared to traditional marketing, and if done correctly will improve your ROI (return on investment). The thing about search engines is that the customers are already pre-qualified, they have an idea of what they are searching for, if they are searching for an x-box, they will go to a page which is presenting an x-box. This marketing model and promotional tool has great ROI and will increase your sale conversions significantly.

Online marketing with search engines

Home Education Schooling Support Community


We are a family of two adults and three children who have been officially Home Educating for two years. Officially because that is when we removed our eldest child from school. In theory we have been home educating since he was born! The whole point of Home Education is that it is an organic process that doesn’t suddenly stop at home just because your child reaches ‘school age’.

sound engineering based phenomena

sound engineering

Numerous html/php/asp coding exists relating to the sound engineering-based phenomena which have come to my attention recently, and doubtless many which haven’t. Since I don’t know of any definitive list, I shall attempt to create one, that is far from inclusive.

Logically, stage one in such a quest is to invent a unique and catchy keyword/phrase for viral infection that is clearly related to the objective.

sound engineering, Is my mantra!

I hereby define “sound engineering” (singular AC sound engineering) to be: “(mass) AC sound engineering-related phenomena“. Specifically, I’m interested in the mass social effects (on the internet and in Real Life) of having such a good approximation to “all knowledge” to hand, and the ways in which people try to use/abuse/exploit AC sound engineering.