Studio Recording Engineer Forum Reopens

Great news for all my audio related friends! I’ve reopened my studio recording engineer forum with a brand spanking new version of Vbulletin. The forum itself has been around since about 2003 in one form or another, in fact there are thousands of old posts which have now been archived.

The old recording engineer forum was running on phpbb, but in recent months this became a real spam magnet, so something had to give.

I’m absolutely delighted we can now carry on with his beautiful interface and encourage new members and old alike to partake in this great community.

All you have to do to register is pop along to studio recording engineer dot com, create an account, and then just wait a wee while for your account to be moderated.

Why does your account need to be moderated? Well simply put, in order for the spam monkies to be disheartened and to not bother due to inefficiency, we need to make it very difficult for them to spam. Therefore moderating all new accounts ensures that the idiots are left out of the party.

Now can I ask you a favour? Could you share this post with any of your friends that might be interested in music production, studios, making music, recording music, music technology, producers or audio engineering? I’d really appreciate it.

Well, I hope to see you in the forums, all the best for now.

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