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Re-Publishing Content

I’ve decided to re-publish some of my older work from the 90s and early parts of the 00s. I was Blogging, like many of us were, before Blogging existed.

It seems to make sense to put things on this central blog now.

Today I re-published a paper I wrote in 2001 which is an evaluation of a pilot course I ran for my company Audiocourses.com. As I re-read the text it amuses me how much of what I was saying in 2001 is brand new to a lot of people today in 2008, why is that? I’m not sure exactly, possibly I will claim I am pioneering, possibly I will claim I adopt VERY early, before ideas are born, whatever it is I’m not sure.

Here is the paper: Course Evaluation

Note one interesting and amusing aspect is that I mention SAE, the largest provider of media education in the world, which is now a client of mine.

Funny how things work out.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about the paper, through comments.

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Social Media Is Not The Holy Grail

It’s an interesting title but if you are working on the Internet, and have had your entry point from a social media frame of reference, you are not doing yourself any favors (USA spelling there) unless you consider that to be only ONE tool in your tool box.

To give you an example of that I have pasted in here a list of areas (I grabbed this from InternetWorld, see you there?) that you should probably give just as much time to as your social media campaign, if not you are missing the bigger picture of web marketing.

Some items in the list might not be marketing per se, yet they are related.

  • Online advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Paid for search
  • Web analytics & reporting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile & SMS Marketing
  • Rich media
  • Advertising networks
  • Ad serving tools
  • Usability/accessibility
  • Web design
  • Pod casting
  • Blogging/Vlogging
  • Web 2.0
  • User generated\social networking
  • Streaming
  • CRM
  • eCommerce
  • Secure payments
  • Hosting\managed solutions
  • Leased lines\broadband
  • Domain registration
  • VOIP
  • Security & anti-virus
  • Digital signatures
  • Web content management
  • Knowledge\doc management
  • Personalise\translation
  • Content provision/creation
  • Intranets/extranets
  • Web development
  • Search & Navigation tools for websites
  • Behaviour targeting
  • IPTV
  • Media Planning/Buying
  • Mobile Internet/Commerce
  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Digital/Media Asset Management
  • Social networking sites
  • Viral Marketing
  • Ecommerce Fulfilment/Logistics
  • IPTV
  • Raise venture capital

Anything there that you’ve never heard of, or anything that should be added to the list?

Quick Guide On How To Start a Blog

OK disclaimer first: I’m no expert I’m just like you, it’s just I’ve been doing this a bit longer.

No seriously though getting a blog up and running is as easy as putting your shoes on. I’ll indicate a few things here that will help you on your way.

1. you can choose to have your blog hosted for you on blogging platforms, The two easiest ones that spring to mind are:

a) Blogger
b) WordPress


• create an account and begin blogging
• no monthly charges


• Impossible to customise with fancy plugins (great community building tools)
• Whilst you might have yourusername.wordpress.com in the domain you won’t have your OWN domain. (what if you build a great brand and wish to sell it in the future?)

2. You can choose to purchase a domain name of your choice and I’d recommend your own name, or a name which relates to what your blog is to be about. “LondonNights” or whatever. Having your own domain has far better branding implications too.

My advise, without a doubt, is to get a domain name they are cheap as chips. Now if you do get a domain you will have to do one of two things:

1. using your free blogging account you can point that to your domain (can be tricky, but doable)
2. rent monthly server space, point the domain to it, and install the blogging software on that space (find a friend to help you with that). Paying a monthly fee of say 10 pounds for a quality server with 99% uptime and 24/7 support is in my mind the absolute best solution.

That’s it, a piece of cake really.

If you should require server space and help with a domain let me know.

Also please do post some comments here with your thoughts to help out newbies, what do you use and where?

UPDATE: Interestingly enough just after I posted this a Twitter friend BethGranter indicated she is having issues moving her hosted account to her own domain. The old urls are indexed and she is concerned about that traffic loss. Another good reason to host your own.

MediaCamp BUCKS 07 – you coming?

I would like to make you aware of event which may be of interest to you.

Media Camp Bucks 07

This is a new-media event taking place Sat Oct 20, Buckinghamshire UK, hosted by a not-for-profit organisation of which I happen to be the Founder, known as the ACHUB. The organisation has been active in putting on new-media events, concerned with sharing knowledge, practise, resources and social networking tools.

So what is Mediacampbucks07?

It is an “unconference”, a term which loosely implies that the participants themselves, i.e. YOU, run the day, YOU, interact and YOU, embrace the sessions. There is no “expert” talking to you for 40 minutes, the sessions are more like brain-storming sessions where you are encouraged to engage.

Bucks New Uni are kindly sponsoring this event to take place at the Technology Centre on the main High-Wycombe campus, and I cannot thank the University enough for this sponsorship, the facilities are great and it is a progressive move, and already the new-media community are buzzing about it,
people will be walking away back to industry having gained an awful lot.

Already many professionals have registered to attend and take part, including bloggers, web design companies, ad agencies, Internet TV people, SecondLifers, HR people and even Microsoft, and not just

The best bit, it is GRATIS, not a penny required, well your lunch and drinks aside!

We have also secured some additional sponsorship including Chinwag (the UK’s leading community media company for the new media industry, which will help pay for some goodness.

To register simply visit the mediacampbucks07 wiki and add your name, and if you fancy running a session add yourself to that too.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with me through email, more than happy to answer, if your business/institution is interested to sponsor do get in touch.


Chris Hambly


What stops you from making a comment on a blog

I must admit today I read a blog post concerning some feedback surrounding a recent advertising campaign taking place here in UK, and I gathered some quick thoughts, added them into the comments box, and then paused…. …. ….

I paused for a time and thought, “hmmm actually I won’t post this comment”, and I still do not know why I stopped.

My comments were around the idea of “yes, that’s a great campaign, I love it, but how about extending the conversation now?” I had tons of ideas for how this campaign could be a massive viral hit, and I mean a lot, but I didn’t post.

I wonder if it was because I am soon to be operating in some of these waters myself and not yet part of that specific community I was reading, I wondered if I should introduce myself in a slightly different way first, albeit virtually, before being the guy with shit-loads of ideas, I’m sensitive to cultures it seems?

Why do you not post comments, are you mean with your link-love, are you mean with your associations, let’s say you are considered an influencer, do you stop and not comment due to not wanting to attract attention?

Are you starting out, do you feel each and every one of your words might be jumped on, pulled apart, or do you feel shy, do you feel not worthy?

What stops you from commenting on a blog post?