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Where have all the good times gone?

Where have the good times gone?

Where have the good times gone?

I’ve not started reading this yet, but for sure I will. I shall read this beginning very soon for this was a gift from a guy I have met but twice, for very brief chats, likely a total of 6 minutes, the third occasion we met he handed me this book.

I met Kevin in a pub, he came to watch a band I play keyboards in. After hearing about my background in the audio industry he suggested I might enjoy to read “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?” (you can buy that book through that link).

These sort of encounters are quite wonderful, and I thank you Kevin.


Chris Hambly in New York


chris hambly

This is just a random post of a picture I quite like taken by a friend of mine C.C. Chapman

This was taken on one of my many visits to NYC. I’ve frequented NYC many times for various social media and search related events, both to attend/present, and also to host.

Hey baby, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.

Happy New Year to you also!



Want a holiday in Cornwall?

Of course you fancy a FREE holiday, or maybe a friend of yours does?

Either way some friends of mine have a really neat competition running where you suggest a dish to cook for their Cornish MasterChef Cookoff!

The winner gets to stay in a converted Coach-House near St Ives. Found at the end of a private drive in the centre of an Elizabethan estate, Lanyon Holiday Cottages offer a real taste of traditional luxury with a modern twist.

Piece of cake (excuse the pun) to enter, pop along and have a butchers.

Weekend Breaks Cornwall

Taking Pictures for Facebook

I was researching a little today about the laws and what not regarding a client taking photographs and using them on their Facebook page. ElementalUk is a Water Sports Adventure Centre in Cornwall and they’ve a nice shiny new facebook page.

So I was curious what the law had to say regarding these guys taking pics of everyone enjoying themselves on the beach and then uploading to facebook. I mean they want to show the World how cool a place it is right?

After some deliberation and much chat it was Rachel Clarke on Twitter, who was really helpful in helping me understand the laws and guidelines for taking pictures and using them on a facebook page.

So thanks Rachel.

After studying a few resources such as the one here, it seems that as the beach is a public place it is legal to be able to take photographs providing they are not for commercial use – which in this case they are not as they will not be “DIRECTLY” making money from the photographs.

A nice Friday win for the guys.

What Colour Are Your Eyes?

I know this is a bit daft, but then what content isn’t? I could be guilty of filling the Internet up with nonsense but I think there is enough space to go around. :)

I took this picture last year not long after eye surgery, and well, I’m only putting it here today as a conversation starter … quite what that conversation is I’m not sure, maybe you have some ideas?

What colour are your eyes, got any good shots of your own?

eye colour

Trattoria Dopo Teatro

Tomorrow evening is the Social Media Mafia “sit down” dinner in NYC.

The event is taking place at the Trattoria Dopo Teatro at 7:30pm, tomorrow (April 24)

125 West 44th Street

Looking forward to seeing you for big eats and some drinks, and plenty of geekery.

Send me an SMS tomorrow if problems: +447824776785 send me one anyway :)

Facebook Chat

Facebook chat will aid in the reduction of publishing on the platform: Discuss

So Facebook rolls out a chat application this morning, I log in to find a list of “online friends” ready as potential victims for me to pounce on for synchronous chat!

I don’t know about you, but I do like live chat, I mean hell I’ve used it as a business platform for about 8 years, chatting with clients and students all over the world, it’s always been my office. I remember using Yahoo! extensively with students for 4 years, as our “virtual classroom”, and even added away messages like “this is my office knock first”, or “I’m in the garden making fireworks”, poor attempts and installing a sense of go away I am busy right now.

So I’m comfortable with chat.

Already today I chatted with Jeff, Maz, Daniel, Ben, Matthias, kfir, CJ,

I do prefer though the time one has in email, the reflection time, to ponder and to measure, chat removes that and of course demands immediate attention.

Regardless of how you feel about chat itself, do you think it might actually decrease the amount of publishing on the platform itself? If you can instantly contact and ask a friend something, why would you publish, notes, forums posts and various bits and bobs?

What’s your thoughts?

New Business Cards

I got a mass-who-sive box through the mail today from CJ containing my new uber-minimalist business/networking cards, matching the lime theme on this ‘ear’ blog. I can’t even remember how many I actually ordered, but the box is GIGANTIO and rammed with even smaller little plastic cases with a gazillion cards in, I like it, makes me feel important!

As you can see we are sporting a very stylish minimalist embossed concept on the front, and a delightful twirl of the card will reveal some further details about moi, including me email addy and “dog n bone number”.

I also love the way the cards have a few lines on the reverse, for making some notes, like an appointment, a web page, another phone number, another contact etc.

I think that’s part of it you know, part of why I love these new cards. I love the space on the back that enables me, or anyone else, to write things about our delightful moment of interaction, almost like a node of some kind, a contact for other people, pretty smashing stuff! I’ve used any old scrap of paper in the passed, whatever was laying around, but this is far better.

The cards were not the cheapest in town, I mean who do you think you are dealing with here? No, no, not cheap but worth every penny to me for giving CJ the power to organise it all for me, and get them churned out. You should go speak with her if you want it all taken care of yourself, she will work with you until you are totally happy and then some.

Vodka + Orange Juice = Clarity and Friends

The key to the drink is quality vodka and quality orange juice, bad juice and bad vodka is just not good.

To finish this off I enjoy having a large segment of fresh orange in the glass, skin included, typically a large glass with about 3 shots of vodka.. ahhhhh a long long screwdriver.

One of the reasons I enjoy a Screwdriver it that the more you drink of these the clearer your thought seems to become, its a good alcohol buzz, it’s not a groggy beer haze, or a demon head spin, it’s pleasant and crystal.

The other reason this combination is perfect is that you are drinking large amounts of pure orange juice which is rammed with vitamin C of course. Hang-overs are often never present due to such a high intake of vitamin C.

So if we meet up and have a drink you’ll know what I’ll be having.

Update: A twitter follower mentioned it might be vitamin B which aids hang-over cures. If you know please do comment.

Gmail Tip Username + Whatever

Gmail Tip

You might not be aware of this (I wasn’t until recently).

You can use your gmail username with a + after it with absolutely anything and you’ll still get the email.

You what?

Yep, for example my username is “chambly”, so I could let’s say use chambly+disposable@gmail.com and I’d still get the email.

Or chambly+yahoosignup@gmail.com and I’d get the email still.

Why is this so cool?

Well you can use different combinations for different contacts you may meet, say +business, +friends, or say +spam if you want to sign up to a site but fear spam. You can then set up filters in gmail to filter your mail based on the +whatever, keeping you very organised and your precious username lean.

I love that tip, think it’s handy yourself?