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Where have all the good times gone?

Where have the good times gone?

Where have the good times gone?

I’ve not started reading this yet, but for sure I will. I shall read this beginning very soon for this was a gift from a guy I have met but twice, for very brief chats, likely a total of 6 minutes, the third occasion we met he handed me this book.

I met Kevin in a pub, he came to watch a band I play keyboards in. After hearing about my background in the audio industry he suggested I might enjoy to read “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?” (you can buy that book through that link).

These sort of encounters are quite wonderful, and I thank you Kevin.


Round 1: Bare Knuckle Blues Band

I’m a guitarist by trade, so to speak, having spent years gigging in various band, though my first ever instrument and musical experiences was on piano and keyboards. In recent months I’ve returned to playing keyboards in the Bare Knuckle Blues Band and I’m really loving it.

Here’s our first recording that we’ve called “Round 1″, all part of linking into the brand name. Have a listen and let me know what you think of it in the comments?

Sex or music, which is best?

Here is a recent picture of yours truly taken at a recent Bare Knuckle Blues Band gig. It’s quite a stunning image taken by the wonderful Bjorn Thomassen.

I like the image as I think it captures my emotion quite well, you know full on in the moment, verging on ecstasy…  well maybe not that far.  Someone once said if you enjoy music more than sex it is time to stop..  hmm or was that me?

Anyway, captions welcome, let’s have a bit of fun.

Chris Hambly Musician

Bare Knuckle Blues Band Photo Shoot

Bare Knuckle Blues Band

I’ll have more of these coming soon, but thought you might enjoy seeing yours truly in this photo shoot for The Bare Knuckle Blues Bland. I’ll be honest with you I did find the whole thing slightly amusing and had a bad case of the giggles for a while. It’s so funny being told to “pose” this way and that way, which often feels uncomfortable, for me, anyway. However, the photographer Bjorn was so professional in this shoot, so hat tip to him.

What do you think of the shot?

Feeling Good

Are you feeling good?

We were last Monday when we hit record at a chilly rehearsal. We were not concentrating on recording at all but decided to hit record on some new equipment. Turns out it was a good move as this track sounds pretty good. A few kinks to iron out here and then, but I’m quite pleased with the overall feel of the tune.

What do you think? Do leave a comment.

The Shocking Truth About the Digital Arts

Did you like that title? Kind of nice eh?

How about this:


“The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, with unlimited opportunities.”

If you do one thing today it should be to watch this documentary.

For me this documentary asks a lot of questions for us, culturally, economically and I think psychologically too. Perhaps it is positioned romantically, perhaps it is positioned factually, perhaps it is biased, you decide, that’s the important point.

PressPausePlay from House of Radon on Vimeo.

Studio Recording Engineer Forum Reopens

Great news for all my audio related friends! I’ve reopened my studio recording engineer forum with a brand spanking new version of Vbulletin. The forum itself has been around since about 2003 in one form or another, in fact there are thousands of old posts which have now been archived.

The old recording engineer forum was running on phpbb, but in recent months this became a real spam magnet, so something had to give.

I’m absolutely delighted we can now carry on with his beautiful interface and encourage new members and old alike to partake in this great community.

All you have to do to register is pop along to studio recording engineer dot com, create an account, and then just wait a wee while for your account to be moderated.

Why does your account need to be moderated? Well simply put, in order for the spam monkies to be disheartened and to not bother due to inefficiency, we need to make it very difficult for them to spam. Therefore moderating all new accounts ensures that the idiots are left out of the party.

Now can I ask you a favour? Could you share this post with any of your friends that might be interested in music production, studios, making music, recording music, music technology, producers or audio engineering? I’d really appreciate it.

Well, I hope to see you in the forums, all the best for now.

Rocknrolla Look


When I were a Rocknrolla this is how I looked.

This picture was taken round a bout 1989 I think (from what I can recall).

The band was called The Liberty and we played a mixture of Punk and Goth style rampant melodic anthems where the gigs were always very lively and often slightly riotous affairs. We conquered quite a significant following around the South West and went so far as to turn down a contract. Clearly youthful arrogance afforded us the choice to fuck the system and of course eventually we split up, in true differences of opinion style.

The band members though, all these years later, continue to be great friends and we meet up from time to time.

When I look at this picture the memories come flooding back and I do recall being utterly wasted at many points around those years. Of course I consider those years to be highly informative and instructive for me which shaped me somewhat, but I do look proper “rocknrolla”.

There are a bunch more from a similar time fond here in The Liberty set.

Blip Fm

I’ve been enjoying Blip.fm quite a bit recently.

Blip reminds me of Twitter a fair amount, although it’s not really a conversational platform like Twitter can be. Blip is touted as a DJ platform, though I must admit, for me it’s even more personal than that, I’m not that bothered about what you are listening to, if you catch my drift?

The thing is with Blip, you can search for singular songs, which once found are able to be streamed immediately, which does gives instant gratification, no doubt.

I’ve not come up with that many empty requests or “not founds” yet either, pretty impressive. The “Songs are hosted all over the internet by different servers and websites” which basically means you’ll find just about everything.

I have found that a few songs I have “Blipped” have been removed a day later or so, more than likely that the website from where it has been streamed from noticed some leaching going on and removed it, or blocked access from Blip, I guess.

Each “Blipped” song contains a “Buy Now” link which is a standard Amazon affiliate link. It’s a noble gesture to want to go off and buy a track, but I have to say many of the buy now options lead to something which is not what I am hearing. This may be due to some of my more varied musical tastes mind you.

I’ve not found a mobile portal for this yet, but then again, it is a Flash based interface which isn’t going to cut the moby world, but if they or a similar service gets the moby market sorted this could be golden golden!

I do wonder how long this service will last, unless there is some hand shaking done between vested interests, as essentially we can listen to all the music we need to with a few clicks of a button, who needs to “own” music any more anyway?

Here is me Blip embed code, by all means “friend” me up, but I’ll probably not friend you back, I’m too busy listening to my favourite songs.

height="150" width="100%" name="BlipEmbedPlayer" align="middle"

Let me know what you think of the service.