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Taking Pictures for Facebook

I was researching a little today about the laws and what not regarding a client taking photographs and using them on their Facebook page. ElementalUk is a Water Sports Adventure Centre in Cornwall and they’ve a nice shiny new facebook page.

So I was curious what the law had to say regarding these guys taking pics of everyone enjoying themselves on the beach and then uploading to facebook. I mean they want to show the World how cool a place it is right?

After some deliberation and much chat it was Rachel Clarke on Twitter, who was really helpful in helping me understand the laws and guidelines for taking pictures and using them on a facebook page.

So thanks Rachel.

After studying a few resources such as the one here, it seems that as the beach is a public place it is legal to be able to take photographs providing they are not for commercial use – which in this case they are not as they will not be “DIRECTLY” making money from the photographs.

A nice Friday win for the guys.

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How To Rank on Front Page of Google

It’s really easy these days.

No, really it is.

OK so in the past it was hard (cough) to rank on the front page of Google if you were new to the business, in any sector. Lots of things were (actually still are for non real-time) taken into account in order for your site to rank well for a given term. Lots of weight is given to credibility, i.e. other sites (humans) thinking your site IS credible, by the way of incoming links. If we all link to a site it must be good content right? This model has been Google’s backbone product for years, forever actually.

Then came Twitter and the mob

This experiment has been conducted numerous times in other places, and you may have come across it already, but because I think Google is shooting itself in the foot it warrants a mention.

So Google has started including “real-time” results in its index, in particular from Twitter, the micro-blogging service. This basically means it is open season for you and me to actively use this service as a tactic to appear on the front page of Google for any given search phrase.

Down to business

So considering Tiger Woods is hot news at the moment I figured this would be a good test target for ranking. Before the inclusion of real-time the chances of appearing on the front page of Google for “Tiger Woods” were slim pickings for mere mortals. Typically, of course, it would usually have only been credible news sources, or perhaps other content that was mass approved through incoming links (us all linking to it). That is still the model Google has in place with the exception of a little iframe half way down the page, the real-time zone.

So I sent out a tweet as follows

OK, so a tweet that clearly contains Tiger Woods and some other attention grabbing nonsense and an all important link that someone may click on (in this case an intelligence test, just for the irony of it).

So a few moments later, literally within a minute or so I searched Google for “Tiger Woods” and sure enough found my tweet.

You can clearly see my ridiculous tweet, and my url.

Why is this bad?

Well think about it for a moment, this is now open season for real-time spam… hell I might even employ someone in a developing country, pay them peanuts, to sit down and tweet nonsense all day, with affiliate links included in the tweets, and target very competitive key phrases. < oh that happens already?

What do you say? – you could say hey Chris this is fabulous, people are all wonderful people and good through to their core, and we’d never ever game the system, our tweets are credible and we only speak the truth. Well folks, I have news for you, that is not the case with the masses, and once the search dudes and dudettes catch on to this (done), you can be sure to see utter nonsense in that real-time zone.

Google, you have gone nuts.

Why Twitter Auto-DMs Suck

twitter auto dms

Click here for the large version

I suppose some might say, “switch the emails off”, but then again usually I enjoy getting DM from friends, but now and then you do something and you attract a heap of new followers, which I am grateful for of course, but still, what a way to start your day, eh?

We could get into a debate about auto-dms merits, I mean do you auto-pilot your account?

I Don’t Miss Twitter

Sometimes I find myself taking long breaks from twitter which I must say I thoroughly enjoy. I’m one of those guys that avoids institutionalisation at all costs, any time a situation becomes repetitive I seem to find little interest in the culture.

I use the phrase institutionalisation purposefully because like many work-place cultures identical practices creep in, normalities develop and before long you can find yourself smack bang in the middle of complacency.

I don’t think I’ll be permanently out of the scene, I have too many great friends that love the world of twittington, though I’m sure I’ll continue taking extended breaks. I’ll also not be making any silly big statements of “hey that’s it I deleted my twitter account”, hmm although …

Anyway there we go that’s on my mind today.

Do you find you have feelings like this, do you get bored with spaces and cultures, what do you do to get the funk out?

Facebook Fear Clouds Our Judgement

Today the BBC reports Identity ‘at risk’ on Facebook yeah and that’s news?

I hang out on Twitter a lot and it always amazes me how there is such a band wagon “fashion” approach to some of this technology, you know a real sheep follow concept going on.

People have been flabbergasted that GASP you could have details stolen on the internet, OMG shock bloody horror, that is such HUUUUUGE news!

Reality check.

To quote: “Anyone with a basic understanding of web programming can write an application.” Uhh duh, so that’s not happened in the previous 18 years or so of the public Internet? – It’s rife!

Seriously though, phising and various other methods of data-mining have existed forever, where there is data available on the Internet a hacker will always try to retrieve it, that’s the job description, am I one? No, I’m not, but I’ve understood that since day 1, it’s so obvious it hurts, is it just me?

I’ve heard people talking of closing accounts, never using FB again not doing this not doing that, goodness me it’s barfable really.

Two key things here:

1. Never put your DOB online
2. Never put YOU information online (I mean official YOU stuff, address, financial stuff)

It’s quite simple, if you put personal data online, you can expect to be targeted no matter what the platform, if you put your trust in an online platform you are a fool, they are all crackable.

I’ll be continuing to use FB and the Internet, I’ll just tread with caution as I always have, and if I were you I would not follow “fashion”, that’s silly. Do we need a nanny do guide us through these treacherous waters? No, we just need not be fashion victims and be self-responsible, and in most spheres in mind, if you follow fashion you are blind.

Rant over.

P.S. this is not targeted at anyone in particular, just generalised.

Most Annoying Wanky Tweets

If you do not use Twitter, this post will probably not strike a chord with you, but then again just imagine these things being repeated over and over in a particular online channel.

OK, so I’m sure I must repeat myself too, I must use phrases that are “pet” phrases that I throw around and probably annoy you too. However, these are this week’s non-me-likey phrases that I hear constantly on Twitter.

As I started writing this I asked the people of Twitter themselves so the list morphed into many users dislikes, not just mine. The user who stated the dislike is after the @ symbol.

1. “Spare a Digg for” @audio – I mean seriously, no, back-off with the begging. There is not cat in hells chance of me supporting something just cause you told me too, forget it.

2. “Wow I have xxx many followers” @audio – who gives a damn, this isn’t a popularity contest.

3. “My Top 10 Lists” @audio – hehe, yeah I know I’ve just contradicted myself. But Top is one of those words which too narrow. Top means nothing unless you know the parameters which make it “top” grrrr.

4. “What is the best” @audio – Umm I thought best was a subjective word, you need to define best.

5. “I’m soooo busy with over a million emails to action in my inbox” @dominiccampbell

6. “Need Caffeine” @chrishoskin

7. “For me, it’s any Tweet which poses a question – and then when you reply, the originator doesn’t answer!” @dungeekin

8. “disliked? the Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -tweet. annoying” @vanmaanen

9. “For me it’s constant “New Blog Post: urlblahblah”, dammit have a conversation even if it is one about coffee.” @GJD

10. “Basically “Auto-Twits” make my nuts itch” @GJD

11. “any tweet with “wow” in it” @audio – maybe I’ve done that too, but it just sounds wanky right now.

12. “when two people get into a heated discussion about a passionate subject – to the exclusion of all others. Take it outside, people!!” @Danacea

13. “push comes to shove all that ‘i’m streaming live..’ business I could live without.” @EaonP

14. “Automated playlists from radio stations, although I like hearing what peolple are listening to.” @AnnaHill

15. “I like it when people with personal business (especially entrepreneurs) add me to Twitter. I hate it when the personal business is spamming.” @ramcosca

16. “here’s the worst, people who make a drama out of “Unfollowing”, like you get to decide whos’ cool. Come on. we’re all nerds here.” @GJD

17. “least fave Tweets are those posted out of context with the original concept. Difficult to contextualize for non-followers.” @fauxpress

18. “good morning” @audio – yes it annoys me the same people say good morning every single day. I dunno I just find it daft, if someone comes back to a channel every day just join in and start yapping, no need for the formalities every day!

19. “My most important pet peeve: Twittering too often. I forgot b/c I don’t follow ppl who post too often. :)” @deanpence

So there we have a brief snapshot of dislikes from a variety of people, I’m sure there must be hundreds more, if you think of one please add it as a comment. Or if you like pick one of the above and have a rant about it.

Twitter Without Images Google Feast

This is what Twitter looks like when their image server don’t work. Their images are stored on amazon big boys I believe, here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/twitter_production/profile_images/ (that won’t work by the way).

It’s interesting to note that this is one of the reasons why your Twitter profile ranks so well in Google, oh you never checked? You should.

What you see here is what Google would see, instead of images they would see the text profile names, just as you see here, typically used as an “alt tag” AND “title tag”.

There you go.

Some people I know have protected their updates due to their Twitter page out-ranking their blog or whatever domain they wish page.

You had that issue?

Google Releases Social Graph API

I’m excited about the possibilities of the Google Social Graph API as this will really open the potential for us all to use our connections much more openly than any current system in use. And more to the point we won’t have our hands tied with “walled gardens” like Facebook, we’ll be able to build our own using our social graphs.

The API already has a demo available which you can try out, I popped along to their demo and entered my twitter url and was impressed by the outcome which I have listed below.

Are you on my list?

Contacts you link to

People who link to you as a contact