Why did you arrive at my site?


Can you help me out? – yes you, keep reading.

Can you mention below why you arrived at my site, not so much as in how (I can tell that from logs) but why you actually came?

Things such as “title in google”, “someone told me about this site”, “randomly”, “I enjoy reading about the things you research” etc, you get the idea right?

Thanks a lot for you help, won’t take but a few seconds to tell me why as a comment (plus you get link love from here)

Appreciate it.

70 thoughts on “Why did you arrive at my site?

  1. Vics

    Saw a tweet you sent in reply to a question from hedgewytch and being the nosey sort decided to check this out as I thought it may link to some video tutorials – I just wanted to see what they’d be like/ about knowing that you be a muso type ‘n’ all..

  2. Enkerli

    We were exchanging comments about Moodle through Twitter. Probably came when I initially started following you, but was unclear about some details.
    Interesting approach to integrating different elements of your social media presence.

  3. Luci2Also

    No wandering or random clicking here I was just googling Audio Zenith and landing here I can see there is a lot of research yet to do.
    You are a very busy person.

  4. Unknown Jethro

    You posted something on Steve Mansour’s blog about two years ago. As I’m about two years behind, I just saw it. I had no idea what you were talking about so I followed the link back here. Now I know.

  5. Alexandre Enkerli

    Pretty much the same thing for me. Got online in August ’93 and been applying the same general principles since then. There have been several phases in the development of the ‘Net (and the Web was a big part of that) but, fundamentally, things haven’t changed much.

  6. opendna

    Heh: http://twitter.com/audio/status/1360867458. Ok…

    It all starts with with a rather silly idea: hosting the Olympics, which my hometown has inexplicably decided it wants to do.

    This leads to terrorism fears, which leads to (among other foolishness) a PR campaign telling citizens to narc on each other for taking photos. That irritates EFF-sympathizing twitterers into planning acts of civil disobedience via sousveillance. In support of the ad hoc ergo pre hoc (sic) organizing of a mass-action Web2.0 response, I was on a surf to find the “best” way for people to geotag and map photos in a distributed fashion. That quickly ran up against the third-party authentication wall and raised questions of exactly where we are with OpenID implementation… and a Twply fork. (Now I think about it, I haven’t hit a search engine in hours.)

    A twply post had a broken deep-link to your site and that’s when I hit the tagwall on your front page and thought “well, THAT’s a hell of a way to greet a guest”. Straight: That’s a new one on me. I took a look around anyway and decided that (1) you’re one smart dude I should really be reading on a regular basis, and (2) I may copy the tagwall (sorry).

    So… uh… yeah. Pretty helpful story, eh?

    [Update: Apparently there was an accident. http://twitter.com/audio/statuses/1365684309 I have a new appreciation for using cross-tab surfing with a large cache.]

  7. Mark

    Arrived via a message to linked in’s social media mafia group. Who can resist following up on a man whi calls himself the godfather?

  8. David Terrar

    Was reminding myself about what you do and the SMM connection. Was just watching a Twitter exchange between you and Joanne Jaccobs (follow you both) and that triggered the enquiry.

  9. chrishambly

    Thank you David, and were you reminded, is it obvious, or am I still a bit vague? – I have been known to be.

    Thanks for stopping by and answering too, priceless.

  10. James Wood

    Hi Chris,

    I saw your profile via linkedin and was interested to know about the social media mafia, click a few links found this site and couldn’t resist leaving a comment.

  11. Durmanator

    I’m interested in Blip.FM, and was referred to your review via Neville Hobson.

    From my limited usage to date, I agree with you: I can’t see the point of being a DJ, or (really) of listening to other DJs. Not sure that there’s enough space for Blip.FM and Last.FM to live side by side.

  12. Rasta Ted man

    Hi Followed a retweet from mollybob, she posted an interesting question an you posted a reply, no one else did.

  13. Kiz

    RT’ed by AdamParker.

    Adam only ever RT’s something worthy of reading, so I took a look, got to you, got to here.
    I am now inspired to go do something useful.

    But I’m ridiculously hungover.


  14. Unknown Jedi

    No I dont have a Rasta, would you believe I am bald and white, deep inside i am Rasta man trucken through life, with a broad jamaican accent, chillen and grooven (in my dreams).

  15. Unknown Jedi

    You are following me on twitter, so I popped round to see who this fascinating guy might be and what would WE have in common…then you had these nifty pics and even a drawing and lots of humor AND some bits on this and that like MacArthur Series ‘s and it looked like you might be lively….and even smart and much much more… maybe even fun… so I am going to follow you right back…

  16. chrishambly

    Lovely to see you here again, yes we should have some fun and games with Google again one day.

    Take care

  17. Geoffsays

    nice headline eh? now that I have your attention it’s simple… you tweeted the link to this page. I value what you have to say because you’re one of the few people that have an actual opinion on things. Here I am.

  18. Anna

    Better, late than never…
    I check in from time to time because… you helped me out once which makes you one of the good guys, it’s always interesting and fun to read, plus I’m afraid of waking up with a horses head in my bed.
    x :)

  19. Medical student

    Bit of random one – I’m a medical student doing a project on kidney stones and came across your post “Kidney Stones FKN Hurt”! Then got distracted from working on my presentation!

  20. Leigh Hambly

    Hehe! I googled my hubby! Who is obviously not you :)
    Same name. Not many Hambly’s in Australia without the ‘e’ so a bit interesting to find you :)
    Happy New Year from Oz

    1. Chris Hambly Post author

      Thanks Leigh, pretty crazy world eh? I think we do have relatives over there, my Father as done some family tree work.

  21. Damien

    I came to your site because you posted the link on twitter, I followed the link as it was not obvious to me what I would find from the description. Also your previous tweet had mentioned pop shop which I was singing the theme tune to in my head at the time, this may have been a contributory factor.

  22. chrishambly

    I find that link really interesting actually, the pop shop thing, kind of like an association so you may have been triggered into action, there be gold here with that line of thought.

  23. Amanda

    Well I met you on Twitter Don Christopher and all this Social Mafia intrigued me so I followed your links to find out more. Have enjoyed am enjoying and have much fascinating and interesting stuff to go back in your blogs history to find and will always be coming back for more.
    Plus you are a really lovely interesting person and I’d hope to call you friend ;o)

  24. chrishambly

    Oh that is a very kind thing to say, really, appreciate that, seem there is engagement here based on passed experience?

    Yes, let’s be friends too :))

  25. Jo

    I thought you were whinging about something in your Twitter, so I came to see. So why, because I know you and I am interested in what you are on about!

    If I go further, what was I doing on Twitter at 10.15 on a soft, English day? Dawdling. Relaxing. Mulling over my reactions to things. Tidyin up my emotional traces.

    Being willing to be distracted, amused and entertained. Hoping for grand solutions that will inspire and mobilize. Looking for a beating drum marking a parade I want to join.

    Considering (because that is what I have been writing about recently), considering what we do about the cacophony and confusion that comes with a recession. Do we we take out a drum and beat it hoping to provide the parade we yearn for. Do we put our drum away for fear we look silly tapping away while everyone else is distracted by the mayhem.

    I suppose we select a corner, observe, and tap away perfecting a rhythm. So then I am looking for people who are doing the same, not so much to make a marching band but to listen to you while I am resting from my own efforts.

    “Conduct your blooming in the noise and whip of the whirlwind.” Gwendolyn Brooks

  26. chrishambly

    Delicious thoughts for a Sunday morning, appreciate it.

    There is attachment here of sorts, or engagement, maybe both, this leads to invaluable data for deriving part of a larger metric model – essentially what is the key driver for you or anyone coming here, and is that being met?

    Thanks a ton, Jo.

  27. chrishambly

    That’s generous of you, but why this time, surely you visit lots of links and perhaps leave no digital footprint, what drove you this time, my words, the colour?

  28. Gladstone

    Put simply: runningmanradio.com (subscribe) => twitter/audio (following) => chrishambly.com (keep looking; for “open education” et al) & (eventually) audiocourses.com.

  29. chrishambly

    I love this route for it tells a story, a path, a road which offers paths and unfolds, and you are correct it is an explicit example of the Internet.

  30. chrishambly

    So think in terms of a triangle, this is a third of the puzzle, analysing behaviour, search intent, why they came and segmenting it, and also density of clicks.

    “What is their intent?”

    More to follow on the 2 other parts.

  31. chrishambly

    That’s great but WHY did you come, do you follow ALL links in twitter, or just mine? – and also why did you leave a comment when you got here?

    Would you mind expanding?

  32. Le'Nise Brothers

    I don’t generally click all links in Twitter and I don’t necessarily click all of the links you tweet. I happened to have a bit of time (ie. I’m procrastinating) so I thought it would be nice to comment and attempt to answer your question.

    Hope that helps!


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