I’ve recently become fascinated with the possibilities of podcasting and the potential markets.
Podcasting, is essentially, time-shifted radio, or recordings made and then made available for playback, and/or downloading, by rss distribution.
An rss feed is a way for any new content (which could be your latest recordings) to be made available to a variety of users who may well have subscribed for your fresh content.
Adding a site’s rss feed to rss aggregators allows for this notification to take place.
If you have a blog it is very easy to embed your recordings and have them appear in the rss feed and therefore syndicated multiple times. This is a good example: http://www.audiocourses.com/blog with the corresponding rss feed looking like this: http://feeds.feedburner.com/audiocourses/UbGd.
I’m also now working on IP telephony and the recording of that to bring yet more interesting podcastable content.

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