Server Logs – tracing the hackers

so there I was again searching through endless server access and error logs looking for bedroom hackers who leave their IP for me to paste into the server firewall.

Typical activity seems to take the form of searching for known vulnerabilities and then requesting to see if that file does exist on the server for exploitation. It’s not that I dislike that type of routine police task (which incidentally I have worked into my daily schedule) it’s just that I find these guys so dumb, and in need of a clip around the ear. I guess it is better than so other questionable youth activity, but really guys, go take a girl out for a pizza!

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Audio Courses Studio Recording Engineer for a Career in Studio Recording

Audio Courses Studio Recording Engineer for a Career in Studio RecordingThis site is soon to be undergoing more changes, the recent buzz has been encouraging and we have many requests that will slowely start appearing.

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1820 Sound Engineering Part 3 qualification is available worldwide

1820 Sound Engineering Part 3 qualification is available worldwide and has been working
effectively worldwide through the online audio school for over 3 years. Success comes year in and year out due to continued updating and tweaking of the educational protocals and very determined students.

I’m particularly pleased with the school expansion taking place, and this time of year is always fun as we get to meet the new bunch of students and make some new friends.

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Recording Engineering and Music Technology

Enrollments for Recording Engineering and Music Technology are open over at The two most popular modules for getting qualified are indeed Recording Engineering and Music Technology. The distance learning course accepts students from all over the world and continues to produce excellent results.

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Moving Countries (again)

… so I’ve had a fairly hectic month to date .. firstly I have now moved back to UK for the foreseeable future and will be based in the home counties for a time. The trip back was in fact a very long one which saw me drive (with an Italian friend in the passenger seat) through three countries, from Milan to Cornwall.

You can see some pictures of that trip through a phone cam and a heap of other voyeuristic nonsense. .. more later.

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Study at Home From Anywhere in the World and Achieve UK Sound Engineering Qualification

Yes, it’s true you can in fact do that right here:

Study at Home From Anywhere in the World and Achieve a Recognized UK Sound Engineering Qualification

The cool thing is, is that you do not even need a home for it, you can even do it on holiday with a laptop!

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Sound Engineering Gags

Now everyone has one surely, a gag, a joke, a witty story to tell about a sound
engineering escapade that reminds us that we really must keep a sense of humor in this business.

So what’s your sound engineering gag boyo?

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Sound Engineering Qualification

Finding a practical solution to a qualification in sound engineering has become a damn sight easier these days.

Distance education has arrived, and a sound engineering qualification in the way of a recognized qualification can be found here:

Sound Engineering Qualification

– that is an audio school that reaches out and qualifies student all over the world, and aides the student to obtain a sound engineering qualification.

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Sound Engineering Worldwide

Sound engineering, and the study of, is now a worldwide affair.

Worldwide sound engineering, as a phrase, is now a reality!

Studying for sound engineering really can be accomplished on a worldwide basis. No longer do you have to be grounded in some old studio run by some old guy who knows very little about any modern production methods, you can in fact enroll for online courses anywhere in the world.

The only two primary causes of prevention are:

1. finance, in that an internet connection and sound engineering equipment can’t be self bought.

2. lack of IT literacy to take part in a course.

Any further perceived preventions, can in my mind, be overcome and in fact embraced.

See more worldwide sound engineering options.

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