Best Burger Recipe

This recipe is straight from Jim, a friend of mine, who together with his brother runs a place called The Corner Bar located in Maidenhead, Bucks.

I wanted the details here as I know it’s going to be tasty. Jim has been thinking of writing a book with his brother about their un-traditional route into the kichen.

Let me know if you try this one out.

This recipe may seem long winded but it’s worth it.


1 large brown onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 small red pepper
1 red chili
Half a bunch of celery
2 medium carrots
750g of lean beef or steak mince
1 small cup of Colman’s ‘ok’ sauce

1) Peel the carrots, de-base the celery and de-seed the pepper and chili. Roughly cut all the veg (similar size so no pieces take) and roast in a roasting tray (add the garlic as well) with a drizzle of olive oil for 10-15mins on a medium/high heat, or until all the veg has browned and is tender.

2) Blend all the vegetables together with a Magimix or with a hand blender.

3) Drain blended mix through a sieve; the mix needs to be as dry as possible so use a wooden spoon to strain the liquid.

4) In a mixing bowl separate the mince by hand so there are no large clumps. Add the egg, the ok sauce, the vegetable mix and seasoning and mix thouroughly by hand.

5) Roughly fashion patties by hand. This recipe makes quite a bit of mix so freezing excess is ok, it’s easier to make the burgers and freeze them as patties.

6) When cooking; I seal the burgers in a very hot non stick pan with beef dripping (sounds heart busting but makes the difference, if not use olive oil) once colored I finish them in a very hot oven until firm. If using decent steak mince then serve rare.

Try serving these in granary buns topped with gorgonzola and pickled shallots.

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Automatic Slideshow Service

Animoto is a new service which CC Chapman indirectly turned me on to. CC fired over a video he created using this service into his Facbook profile which I saw was immediately re-posted by Mark Foreman. So it took my interest, and it turns out the service takes a selection of your photographs and turns them into a very slick slideshow montage movie, neat!

The site has numerous features which include being able to leach your pics directly from urls or your Flickr account, as well as being able to directly “share” the finished output to a variety of your social networks.

I see the service as being a hit personally, certainly a gap in the market here.

How are they making money?

Well two services are currently offered, one of which is a free service which limits the images to I think 15 and a short final movie length, where as the “3 dollar a go” service give you a full featured length.

I consider it good value considering the output, I was particularly impressed with the way the whole montage maps into the length of your desired music (which can be selected from a library or uploaded yourself).

As it was my daughter’s first birthday this weekend I felt compelled to try the service out, with a heart touching song, and some images from the last 12 months.

Ok, sure, the song is NOT podsafe, but in some instances only certain songs, which are the “theme tunes of our lives”, will do.

What do you think, is there a market for this type of service, would you use it?

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MediaCamp BUCKS 07 Logo

I had an email in my inbox this morning from Eaon Pritchard who has designed an awesome logo for MediaCampBUCKS 07.

Eaon went for a “populist” and “web2.0” look which is perfect for the event, nice one Eaon!

If you have not heard about MediaCamp yet, we (that’s you) are hosting the event at BCUC, just 30 minutes west of London, which is a piece of cake to get to from any direction, on October 20.

MediaCamp is a free un-conference where the whole event is driven by the participants themselves, it is set to be a real mix-up of people too, coming from marketing, academia, b2b, bloggers, sound-designers, networkers, agencies, the whole range of peeps getting together to learn and share.

This MediaCampBUCKS 07 is heavily focussed on new-media tools, and how we can embrace them in our careers, instruction, business etc.

Sign up on the wiki to attend, sponsor or present.


What do you think of the logo yourself?

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LinkedIn – Creative Developer for Crayon Marketing

One of my goals this week is to update my LinkedIn profile to include as much information as possible.

Until now I have used LinkedIn as a fairly “broad stroked brush”, with some very wide summaries, but it seems to me that if I now dig deeper and outline some of my projects more specifically I’ll obtain far more recommendations.

So this is the update I’m adding for the work I carried out with the Crazy Gang at Crayon Marketing, ahh I do love the way those guys work.

(Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Online Media industry)
January 2007 – July 2007 ( 7 months)

• Worked as part of their Virtual Thirst team to develop a brand presence for The Coca Cola Company in the 3D virtual world of SecondLife.

• Conceptualised and developed a prototype “experience” of the Coca Cola brand in SecondLife.

• Created machinima video footage to aid viral marketing

• Interviewed on podcasts for viral marketing the campaign

• Sat on the advisory panel to judge a winning entry for the campaign


Below I’m including the machinima clip I produced as part of this project for those of you who do not use Secondlife, you know it might even tempt you to get your toes a wee bit wet!.

My LinkedIn

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Lectureship in New Media

Institute of Communications Studies
Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts & Communications

The Institute of Communications Studies seeks to appoint a Lecturer in New Media. You will possess, or be near completion of a PhD in a relevant subject and be able to demonstrate new media production skills in the following areas – web interface design, digital imaging, actionscript or animation and have research interests in the fields of new media design, usability, e-learning, on-line advertising, e-commerce or other practical aspects of New Media.

You will deliver teaching in areas including Internet Communications, Web Page Authoring, DVD Authoring, Animation for New Media and Project Management, contribute to the on-going development of a successful and specialist BA Honours course in New Media and the development of our MA portfolio and supervise undergraduate final year projects.

University Grade 7 (£30,012 – £32,796 p.a ) or University Grade 8 (£33, 779 – £40,335 p.a

Informal enquiries may be made to the Programme Leader in New Media, Catherine Stones, tel +44(0)113 343 3446), email
See for more information on the BA in New Media and for more information on the Institute of Communications Studies.

To apply on line please visit and click on jobs. Alternatively request application packs from +44(0)113 343 7003 or +44(0)113 343 3731, email

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The Summer Of Love Festival 07 – Friday

Yesterday was the first day of The Summer Of Love Festival which took place in SecondLife. As it is now Saturday morning and I’ve had 4 hours sleep I wanted to get my first thoughts down to share with you, just because so many amazing things took place that must be documented. There were highs and lows I might add, which of course is typically how a festival works in RL.

I don’t really want to get into the dynamics of SL culture here, nor really start mapping out how it all differs, and why, from RL, so I guess I’m saying if you are not a SL user you’d best skip this post as you might not “get it”.


The Festival was only conceived a short time ago, I think about a month, it was conceived based on the fact we are 40 years on from the original Summer of Love, and to date I hadn’t heard of any celebrations taking place to honour that birthday, what is a 40 year birthday anyway, is it Ruby? I think so, which is red or pink, and also a celebration of the month of July, which we almost made. August is green so we got those colour schemes about right?

The whole idea of course was to celebrate YOU the people, and YOUR ideas for change and your sense of love, celebration and consideration of all things giving. If the schedule or event in any way made you stop and think about giving and sharing then the festival got to you, job done.

It’s all so easy to wrapped up in work and build “loaded” relationships, often very selfishly, so this is one chance to forget all that crap, and open yourself.

Friday Schedule

The day started mid afternoon for me being on GMT, and early morning for SL time with a cracking first set by Rich Palmer, who really set a great vibe so early in the day, nice one Rich!

As if I wasn’t busy enough with a flood of constant IMs (instant messages) in-world I got the idea I wanted to capture some of the stream live as it was happening while I recorded the next episode of AC Radio, crazy perhaps but my most memorable and inspiring moments concerning audio and music have always been live in some way, the added pressure, the buzz, whatever something about it really floats my boat, which I just do not get from non-live working.

AC Radio

I captured Rich on episode 93 by feeding my SL Shoutcast stream into my audio hardware at ACHQ, and I have to say loved every moment of it of the live capture. I will also try to do the same today (Saturday) if at all possible time permitting.

Smooth Runs and Major Frustrations

Mostly the performances were smooth and the transitions between performers were slick, most likely as the musicians were fairly well skilled at this having done it many times before. I got the impression people were using a variety of equipment and software, some of it sounded great and some of it sounded average, but that was not the point really, the point was to get it out there.

I felt very sorry for Jimmy Golding who Jason Jarrett was helping, turned out the studio engineer had some technical issues which prevented them from streaming the recording studio feed, which was a BIG shame, as having a full band studio stream would have been utterly orgasmic for all of us, Jason worked hard too, to make it happen in the lead up. We did however decide Audana (one of the co-sponsors) would do a “proper job” in the future for a SL promotional event for them instead, so not all is lost, and in fact might be more beneficial for them.

Three Way Love

I was blown away with all the people coming and going and all the sharing of link love on Twitter and various other places, in fact Maxie even streamed some of the Foxy set on Ustream which was amazing.

I saw people at the set that I’ve only ever had email exchange with previously or voice chat, seeing an avatar and dancing with them was delightful. The highlight may have been sharing a three-way pose ball with Chel, Juel and Foxy!

That’s all my thoughts for now, I have millions more which I hope I find the energy to blog later or in the week.

Flickr Group

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What Is YOUR DNA Personality Type?

I got a friend add from Lynette Young on Facebook this morning, which made me smile for the day, who wouldn’t? In her Facebook profile she has this coloured bar chart indicating her personality type, which took my interest. The test comes from

Now I have to say right off the bat here, I’m a Proud Cornishman, a fearless Celt, so talk of self-help and analysis of personality always seems really boring and so very far away from what interests me, I know my traits and strengths, but for some reason this little chart took my interest, so I gave it a go. The outcome didn’t reveal any surprises but I thought that by doing this test would be a great way for me to share with you who I am, with some more depth.

What I am really keen on hearing is if these results, which I can confirm to concur with my perceptions of me, coincide with your perceptions of me. Perhaps you know me in real life, do these traits ring true, perhaps you know me through virtual connections or random micro-blogging, do those small words of text enable you to appreciate my traits?

Let’s have a look at the results.

So in this first image my answers to the test have been calculated so I am an “Advocating Leader”, which I agree with.

This next image is kinda neat which indicates I am very masculine, confident, do not trust you one bit you bastard, particularly if you try to be an authority with me, and well you better be functional or I’ll kick yo ass, as I’m earthy!

In all seriousness though I think it’s a pretty neat round-up.

This image indicates how I relate to others, which is interesting when I see these points mapped out in a concise way.

Lastly this image indicates how my traits correspond to leadership.

So I’ve gone ahead and added the little horizontal DNA indicator to my Facebook Profile, and I’m hoping you might comment on all of this, have you analysed yourself recently?


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