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PhD Educational Technology

So I am thinking I need to get my PhD mind-set back on track. It’s been too long “off the boil” and now is a probably a good time to start working towards formalising more thoughts. I’m in a place where I can more than likely establish strong...

Game News

If you are into games and the news could you spare three mins and list your sources, Offline and Online. Feel free to use html with anchor text. Thanks

Film News

Can you tell me where you get your game news, what sources? Please include Offline as well as Online. Feel free to use html in the anchor text. Thanks

Positive Psychology: Others Perception

Here is the second in your series of Positive Psychology (I’m experimenting ok?), the first is here. Write a sentance about how you would like others to view or see you. What qualities would you like others to see in you? Here is mine: I’d like people to...

F*ck Google Ask Me

  But stop and think for a second, is this the mentality that Social Media is promoting? Do not get me wrong, having advice from your friends is useful, but how much objectivity do your friends bring, do you have friends whom are brutally honest with you? Just...