A Little Less Conversation


I asked the question today:

“do you create / generate originality of concept, or are you more of a re-mixer? Like a DJ”

I was in one of those states of mind when reading/listening to some regurgitated bullshit on the web, the kind of balls that has been done and said a millions ways before, yet spoken with fresh enthusiasm as if the idea were new, well I guess it might have been to them, which is neat, but you see in academia you are supposed to hat tip.

What happened to standing on the shoulders of giants, what happened to graceful hat tips to the fore-fathers, are we losing that ability?

Anyway, here are some responses by the way of a REMIX, seems it is a popular question.

fauxpress @audio a re-mixer – of life’s little events. Definitely. Recently learned I’m not creative in the least when it comes to story-telling. 12 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

Hedgewytch Icon_red_lock @audio Was that one for @Ernmander? 9 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

sleepydog @audio cool question to contemplate on a Sunday, I’ll have to think about that. initial thought mostly remixing – leads to some originality 8 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

tindle @audio create. I don’t mix, or, generally, cover, at least as me. The band I play live in is a covers band though.. 7 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

sleepydog @audio we mostly operate in the gaps so learnings from existing models, silos etc are invaluable. Original thought is prevalent but trickier 3 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

pcmcreative @audio i facilitate creative vision. Turning concepts in to reality. Purposeful collaboration. 2 minutes ago from dabr in reply to audio

jobucks @audio aren’t we all remixers? the division is retweeting and remixing? 2 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

What do you think about it?

Personally I’ve never much been into re-mixes before, though I can appreciate that from a re-mix can be born new ways of appreciation, and fresh idea generation. And I must admit this is a pretty neat re-mix.

A Little Less Conversation

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Twitter Crap

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Rocknrolla Look


When I were a Rocknrolla this is how I looked.

This picture was taken round a bout 1989 I think (from what I can recall).

The band was called The Liberty and we played a mixture of Punk and Goth style rampant melodic anthems where the gigs were always very lively and often slightly riotous affairs. We conquered quite a significant following around the South West and went so far as to turn down a contract. Clearly youthful arrogance afforded us the choice to fuck the system and of course eventually we split up, in true differences of opinion style.

The band members though, all these years later, continue to be great friends and we meet up from time to time.

When I look at this picture the memories come flooding back and I do recall being utterly wasted at many points around those years. Of course I consider those years to be highly informative and instructive for me which shaped me somewhat, but I do look proper “rocknrolla”.

There are a bunch more from a similar time fond here in The Liberty set.

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Wrong Gmail Profile Picture

This is driving me nuts.

There is a person who keeps appearing in my gmail profile picture when I continually select “no picture” from the options.

If you have any idea where this picture comes from, as in why Google associates it with my account, I’d love to know as I do not want this numpty (no offence chap) as my profile picture.

This is offending url that pulls this chap into my profile:


But why oh why is he pulled into mine?

UPDATE: I re-set my gmail to UK English (it was on US) and this for the time seems to have resolved it. I will monitor it, though some friends have said they do in fact see my correct profile pic now.

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RPL: A Bridge between Global Industries

Another interesting and positive project my clients are engaging in.

“The proposed project RPL: A Bridge between Global Industries, is a VET mobility program, jointly funded between the European Union (EU) Commission and the Aust Government (DEEWR) under the EU International Cooperation Instrument (ICI).

Qantm College is the lead organisation in Australia, with Pirkanmaa Education Consortium being the lead institution in Europe. Other partners also include SAE Institute and Hospitality Training Australia, ROC ASA (Netherlands) and CINO FAP (Italy). This proposed project will run from October 2008 – September 2011.

The purpose of this project is to apply the practices created in Bi-Certification for development of international curricula between EU and Australia. The goal is that the students of the consortia colleges in Europe perform their studies in Australian college according to the jointly created curricula. The chosen vocational areas are hotel and hospitality, graphic design, and multimedia, based on supply of courses in the EU/Australian consortia. As long-term results, students gain skills in preparation for a global working life in a multicultural working environment.

The project aims at mobilising a minimum of 30 students each from Australia and Europe during the 3-year period of the project. Its aims also include promotion of greater cooperation between international partners, leading to opportunities for developing Bi-certification curricula between Australian and European providers, as well as contribution to the overall convergence of the European Qualifications Framework. This will incorporate accreditation frameworks from other international territories, such as the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), through precedent.

The VET Export Office would like to acknowledge Qantm College’s efforts in providing this successful project and partnership. If your organisation has recently formed international partnerships and are willing to share this with our network, please contact Rachel Zhao at Rachel.Zhao@deta.qld.gov.au “

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