Are UK council websites embracing new technologies such as ‘web 2.0’ in order to engage with wider demographics – if so why

I had this question from a friend and thought I’d help her out. I often enjoy helping people with research.

Would appreciate your thoughts, and any case-studies too.

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Google’s Social Graph: Client Disclosure

Google’s Social Graph is one method which would provide a very easy way to inform robots who is your client and who isn’t.

Adding the rel=”client” to your client related links would in fact mean that any future buzz monitor policing application would be able to easily distinguish you have offered full-disclosure.

Of course, this would not be very obvious to the reader of your text, and that’s the important person in the policing. So perhaps our publishing platforms could also translate our use of rel=”client” in order to offer a visual for the reader too.

Thinking about social graphs today.

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Social Media Jedi Knight: Marketing Job

social media jedi knight

Let’s have some fun with this.

This job is actually for a real salaried position, so think hard for me, let’s pull our heads together and see what we can come up with.

I’m quite happy to witness a discussion take place around what you suggest, while at the end of the comments I will make a summary, which will form the basis (or not, depends what you come up with) for the job description.

Remember on this site you can reply to my post, or reply to anyone else’s post very easily, this may help you focus and get the others talking a little.

The job is multi-faceted, typically for a new graduate in the media/computer/digital field, and requires a few “branches” of expertise not all of which I am listing here.

No here, I am just interested in the “social” bit and what you feel a Social Media Jedi knight might engage in, what activities, where, how and why?

So I would like to hand this over to you now, and I am very interested to hear about what you think someone that has to operate in this space ought to be doing, and also perhaps how. Please try to backup any of your suggestions with a “why”.

Thanks, let’s crack on eh?

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Facebook Noise: Controlling People Like Me

So, of late I’ve not written much here, but today was one of those days when something led to something which inspired a few words, and here they are.

If you’ve been away from Facebook for a while and recently come back you’ll notice some big changes have taken place, mainly the platform now focuses on “updates”, i.e. close to real-time friend action (hmm that sounds odd)..

Anyway, the “news feed” on your Facebook homepage will now contain a stream of updates from your friends. Now, some of us “Internet Workers” use these tools for pleasure AND business, and to be frank, we often integrate them into one singular input point. As an example I also use Twitter and when I “tweet”, that also appears in my Facebook status. I’m the type of user that does things “proper” so if I am working hard on something you’ll not hear a peep out of me, but if I am in need of answers, or talking with people or something else like pissed-off annoyed or being loud, you’ll know about it in twitter or facebook.

So recently this has led (since the Facebook update) to a few friends complaining, you know too much noise, “stop talking” – “I’m going to remove you” blah blah… WELL – there is a solution.

  1. De-friend me, I won’t be offended
  2. Be clever and learn your tool

You may not know this but you can filter out noise in Facebook very easily, simply by creating “sets” of friends, yes folks, it really is that easy.

As an example I have a feeds such as:

  • News Feed (everyone)
  • SAE (big client, LOTS of people)
  • Family
  • The Insane
  • Sexy Booty (for giggles)
  • General Clients
  • Need To Research (who are you?)
  • So you see, just switch on the stuff you want… it’s not hard.

    Creating a feed is easy, hit “create”, and add us noisy people to it.. or not..

    Have fun.

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