Rock n Roll Memories

Biff Bang Pow… I don’t remember 1998 to 1994. We were actually alright. We did too many drugs.

rock n roll memories

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Fwd: SMM Rules

Had this from a guy who wanted to join the Social Media Mafia group on LinkedIn.

I absolutely LOVE the copywriting!  Succinct,
brillant (nice to finally join a group that doesn't permit selling), totally
creativity-inspiring and laughable (i.e., "pimping"). 

Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 1:45 AM
To: Mán
Subject: SMM Rules

LinkedIn Groups

  • Group:
    Social Media Mafia
  • Subject: SMM Rules

Firstly may I say what a great pleasure it is to have
you want to join this group. With that in mind may I say we surely all
want the very best environment to operate in, and gain good value.


Our mission is "facilitating critical thinking, amiably" – it
is the inverse of selling, schilling, pimping, which is not tolerated here
– if you do that you will be booted.

So, set out below are these
three main areas to consider when using the group.

IN THIS GROUP – No sales efforts will be permitted in the main body of any
post on this groups site. If you would like to promote your company, the
only way it will be permitted in this group is when you are responding to
an existing discussion that is applicable. All other sales posts will be

2. No broad announcements that you are “expanding your
network” will be permitted in any posts in this group. If your discussion
string invites people to "Join your network" then it will be removed.
Please invite people directly: one-on-one. If you mass broadcast that you
are expanding your network then you may be removed from this group all

3. Jobs – The job section is for jobs, real jobs with a
budget, no working for free concepts where profit share may follow, or
some other "in-kind" outcome. Also no recruitment agencies sneaking around
looking for leads, if you have a job post it up with full

4. EVENTS – this group is NOT a billboard for advertising
events. The only events that will be published here are events which are
Social Media Mafia based.

Thank you for your time and

Best Regards,
Chris Hambly
Social Media
Mafia Administrator

Chris Hambly –

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Why Twitter Auto-DMs Suck

twitter auto dms

Click here for the large version

I suppose some might say, “switch the emails off”, but then again usually I enjoy getting DM from friends, but now and then you do something and you attract a heap of new followers, which I am grateful for of course, but still, what a way to start your day, eh?

We could get into a debate about auto-dms merits, I mean do you auto-pilot your account?

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SMiB is now Sponsoring Social Media Mafia

Hello there, hope all is well.

I have some breaking news for you.

Social Media in Business (SMiB) is now proudly sponsoring the Social Media Mafia.

Social Media in Business is an events/training company that is focusing on Internet Business, and of course that includes the fashionable new-kid on the block "social media".

I'm very happy to match these two initiatives together as there is significant potential for all members, both for attending events, or sponsorship placements, or generally taking part in community discussion that will build there.

In addition, it is anticipated there will be made available a great many resources on the portal – we will be seeking affiliates in the future.

If you do have any questions or ideas for business generation do get in touch with me, best way is to create an account on the site and hit the contact button.

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