I’ve Been Around The World

It’s a rather amusing title but nonetheless true in many ways. Well not quite literally true in this case but almost.

No, I wanted to tell you that I’ve been around The World, the ship, the huge mighty vessel that sells apartments for 1 million a go! Yes, it’s true these pictures are of The World, the home from home, berthed in Falmouth, as it seems to from time to time.

Being a water/boat/nut (and also helping out a mate and his boat hire business) I nipped out and took a couple shots.

If you had a spare million bucks would you buy an apartment on a ship that has no “home”?

Quite an impressive thing isn’t it?

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What Colour Are Your Eyes?

I know this is a bit daft, but then what content isn’t? I could be guilty of filling the Internet up with nonsense but I think there is enough space to go around. 🙂

I took this picture last year not long after eye surgery, and well, I’m only putting it here today as a conversation starter … quite what that conversation is I’m not sure, maybe you have some ideas?

What colour are your eyes, got any good shots of your own?

eye colour

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Old London New London

I took this picture as I was walking back to Liverpool Street Station from the Brick Lane area. What struck me was the contrast between the old and new. It’s very apparent a lot of work is being carried out around this area and in many ways it is a real shame some of the old buildings (OK, they ARE knackered) are getting pulled down.

That tall tower looks really thin doesn’t it? It isn’t of course, but I like how it looks thin in this image.

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Ribs Break

It’s one of those moments we all have when we realise that, actually, we are mere mortals.. hmm no, that sounds terrible I’m always aware of that. What I mean is I have broken one of my ribs and it hurts like buggery.

How did I break it and why am I telling you?

The first bit of that is easy, I fell while on a boat, the decks were slippery after me having cleaned them and, well, I bloody slipped. I’ve been helping a friend out with his business Falmouth Boat Hire, which is a long story in itself (I’ll tell you about another time), but yes I fell over about 5 feet and my ribs (the ones towards the back) took the impact, and DOINK one broke… ouch…

These things do fix in motion apparently. It reminds me of when I broke a collar bone playing rugby.It was equally as painful and the world becomes equally as slow. To be honest I suppose part of me enjoys that slowness, the forced paced that simply take control. It’s impossible to move quickly due to the pain, but with slow movement it’s manageable.

I’m sure I was going to be much more philosophical about my break but it seems not. I am glad however I have rediscovered my blog and that you are reading it, we used to have a lot of fun around here. So maybe that’s it, maybe the point of me sharing this is just that it’s an opportune moment to re-ignite my blog, so we get to know each other again.

Could be eh?

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