Falmouth Hotel Fire

This is a sad day for Falmouth – the Best Western Falmouth Beach Hotel, at Gyllyngvase in Falmouth is on Fire – everyone is safe though!

Falmouth is my home town and I’ve visited the Falmouth Beach Hotel regularly for many years, in fact it’s where we’ve taken our family, to use the lovely swimming pool and resources.

Today all hell broke loose as the Falmouth Beach Hotel somehow caught fire and is now pretty much completely burnt out, as you’ll see from the youtube video.

It’s times like these where we need to pause for a moment and thank the amazing fire-fighters of Falmouth and all those that are helping out the poor residents and staff during their hour of need.

Falmouth is a caring place, and the help and support that comes flooding in from the community at times like this makes me proud to be a Cornishman.

Let’s hope the rebuild is fast and we see the Falmouth Beach Hotel returned to its former glory.

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Block China and Korea From Apache Based Servers or Forums with a .htaccess Blocklist

So I find this link really useful to paste into .htaccess files for blocking whole countries from various sites I administer. It’s often easier to block entire countries where spam is the majority of input to a particular site. Block China and Korea From Apache Based Servers or Forums with a .htaccess Blocklist

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Worst possible manager ever?

worst manager ever

The title makes me chuckle because I’ve not had managers for a long time, but in the past I have come across right arseholes. The term worst possible manager must be applied to one of those boys or girls that make your skin crawl, the type that you know deep down inside are plagued with self-doubt, are passive aggressive or whatever and yet put themselves in the cross-fire of you.

I jest somewhat here because all companies that reach a certain level obviously need management, no I’m not disputing that, of course we need managers, but we need GOOD ones, intelligent ones, good communicators right?

SO anyway I just wanted to put this out there to see if you wanted to share your worst possible manager experience with me, and why do they get the prize? – it’s just a bit of fun.

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