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25 Random Things About Me

I do not like being tagged, if I am perfectly honest, it’s extra work, its a commitment, you have to take time out, but in some cases, in my weaker moments, I may agree and crank something out.

This is one of those times, and I am also going to tag some other people because you also have to feel my pain!

Anyway, I’ve done this before though only 8 things, here we go with 25 random things about me, tweeeeeeeeenty friggggggggin 5 was asked by Joyce, blimey that’s a big list!

  1. I eat chili of some form most days – yep, I think it is a mild addiction, I tend to get a buzz when I munch into them, you know, eating the whole thing, not just a few nibbles.
  2. I’ve worked as an internet professional since the mid 90s – yes very early adopter, so naturally I get frustrated when I hear so much talk of things being “new”, sure new to someone all the time, but I wish more people did more research of where things started.
  3. I think “social media” is not new – the internet has always been two way, you’ve always been able to have conversations with people, hell I use to hold live group chats with people from multiple countries 10 years ago for goodness sake, so get over yourself with your newness
  4. I’m short-sighted, not much, but a touch – this means I can read books fine but for driving I need glasses or contact lenses, depends on my mood and vanity of the day. I swing between liking glasses and hating them, and have considered having my eyes zapped with a laser.
  5. I’m Cornish, which is of Celtic origin – Cornwall is a unique county in England and having Celtic bloodline, very different to the Anglo-Saxons of the majority. The Celts were known for being arty and fearless (about right then). Rumor has it the Roman Empire took one look over the border at us and turned away, thought better of any notion of conquest. As a minority the Cornish (which have a history of self-governance) do not so much see themselves as victims, rather we have this inner fire which radiates confidence in difference, as we know the county pisses over the rest of the UK on almost all levels. 😉
  6. I think animals are for eating – I’m not in any way condoning animal cruelty, but the animal loving happy-clappy brigade piss me off, often seen placing more emphasis on protecting animals than humans, I find that most strange. I eat veal a lot, as it’s very tasty and the fact of the matter is the male veal calves in UK are simply slaughtered and incinerated anyway, as they do not produce milk. Therefore the argument is that it makes sense to eat them and actually create a viable market for farmers.
  7. My handwriting is terrible – good job I can type then
  8. I believe there should be a recognised Palestinian state – forget resistance, you’d fight too if you lived in a concentration camp all your life. I’m not anti-Israel either by the way, but they do seem greedy.
  9. I see nothing wrong in the recreational use of cannabis – not that I have smoked much in recent years (makes me lazy), but i have in the past, and can appreciate the benefits, particularly for some severe medical conditions.
  10. I do not believe in the existence of God – naturally that is my belief system, we all have one. More to the point I dislike organised religion, it’s a hang-over from when nations needed to control large amounts of people, and actually still does. This makes me an atheist, or humanist, though I can’t disprove that a god does not exist (he/she/it obviously does in some human minds). I can however happily state I do not need such a mind-set, of something I am answerable to, and in fact I think Santa Clause is more plausible.
  11. I absolutely love it when the “penny drops” – this is my academic side, and I really do take much comfort in seeing people understand something they have not been able to for whatever reason.
  12. I find racism and bigotry to be a disease, and can be found in most areas of life in fact. Often small, often the norm it permeates our every day lives. I am intolerant of bigots and will spend considerable time in building a bridge for people to meet-half way on. Well, at least I’d like to.
  13. I’m not into celebs – nothing against the person who is the focus, but I’ve never been one for kneeling and worshiping someone else’s boots. Celebrity culture worries me, where have the poets and scholars gone? Whose intellectual shoulders are your children going to stand on, a celebrity? Of course many celebs are celebs for decent reasons, but many are NOT!
  14. I used to build bikes in my teens – all sorts of bikes, I used to strip them down, re-paint them, re-build them, tweak this and tweak that. Father was a mechanical engineer and I used to hang out with him learning about the physics.
  15. I think instant coffee sucks balls – I despise powdered coffee, how on earth can anyone in their right mind drink it? Just because it was made doesn’t mean you have to buy it and drink the crap. Do yourself a favour and make some fresh
  16. I do not like hats – never been a fan of them, considering I was once in the military, it cemented that hatred even more.
  17. Being in the military helped shape me – I’m a pacifist actually, I see no reason for war, (though not on a rugby pitch) so I have mixed feelings about the military. Having said that, my short youthful time in the military did give me considerable life-skills, not least, a strong work ethic, how to live with people I did not choose to, how to just get on with stuff, how to be on time, how to deal with considerable stress (civilian life doesn’t come anyway near close), and how to be responsible.
  18. I am VERY calm in times of trouble, much like Micheal Corleone in The Godfather, where his hands do not shake in a moment of sever danger. I often wondered if I work in slow motion sometimes.
  19. I have a very low heart rate – in fact when I have it measured the doctors usually measure it three of four times to check, its just slow man, down in the 40s. It also has a slightly “funky” pulse.
  20. I think the English over use garlic – completely and utterly obsessed with ramming it in anything they can, then wonder why they have no friends, stinky.
  21. I have big concerns with unregulated user generated content – my main fear is that plagiarism is rife now on the Internet, and many many people build a career out of re-inventing the wheel, and passing it off as a new invention, that irritates me considerably.
  22. I can make records – used to be a sound engineer and still teach it from time to time.
  23. I can optimise web pages for search benefits – I have more than a decade of making pages get found in search, in considerable competitive markets, I’d accept most challenges in this area.
  24. I like ALL music with emotionally connects me – never been one for “niche”, well not since I matured anyway.

That’s it, now for the small print.

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