Problem solving sheet

Problem Solving Sheet

Problem Solving Sheet? Joking aside I find this amusing as it we’ve all been here and done it. So, how do you solve problems, do you work through them one piece at a time or do you find yourself getting distracted along the way? These days I’m pretty good at looking at the bigger picture…

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Fuzzy Imagery

Fuzzy Imagery

Fuzzy Imagery is interesting. This is another one of those to ensure I never lose things. I’m so tired of giving facebook all the content, and so should you be. Besides the mini-rant, this picture does odd things to me, does it for you too?

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Chris Hambly and Christopher Penn

Chris Hambly Christopher Penn

Chris Hambly Christopher Penn. Here is another picture from New York City. I’m on the left and Christopher Penn is on the right, I think this may have been Podcamp NYC back in 07. Chris is well worth a follow for all things conversion and analytics.

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Chris Hambly in New York

Chris Hambly New York

This is just a random post of a picture I quite like taken by a friend of mine C.C. Chapman.  This was taken on one of my many visits to NYC. I’ve frequented NYC many times for various social media and search related events, both to attend/present, and also to host. Hey baby, if you…

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Cornwall: Business Strategy & Internet Solutions Course

Cornwall Networking

Here’s is one to keep your eye on. I’ve started a new network in the darkest depth of Cornwall. Cornwall can often be mistaken, very wrongly, for being so far South that nothing happens outside of tourism. What utter nonsense, in fact Cornwall is absolutely rammed with talent, incredible talent that is equally comparable to…

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Women Drivers in Saudi

Women drivers

So it seems there is all hell kicking off in Saudi today where, wait for it….   WOMEN have been seen driving in the streets!! OMG, can you imagine this? What the hell is happening here, WOMEN are driving, HOW DARE they, I’m totally in shock and not really sure how to take this information…

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Business in Cornwall: Networking opportunity

Business in Cornwall

Regarding Business in Cornwall. It struck me one morning over a breakfast meeting that all successful businesses have a community built around them. It wasn’t a huge revelation, I’ve been aware of the power of a community for a very long time, but this was a “light bulb” moment for a particular nut I was…

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Keyboard fingers getting sticky

Keyboard Sticky Fingers

So here’s a recent shot of me playing some keys in The Bare Knuckle Blues Band. I’m really enjoying the band for a variety of reasons, not least because we have now begun to compose original songs. Something I’ve done quite a lot of with other bands and at certain periods of my life. It’s…

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There is tons of traffic to be had

Internet Traffic

The thing is about internet traffic is that it is there to be taken, to be garnered. It won’t come to you easily mind you, you have to create regular content. It’s about being dedicated to creating content regularly, it always has been and it always will be. Or, you can pay for it.

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Round 1: Bare Knuckle Blues Band

I’m a guitarist by trade, so to speak, having spent years gigging in various band, though my first ever instrument and musical experiences was on piano and keyboards. In recent months I’ve returned to playing keyboards in the Bare Knuckle Blues Band and I’m really loving it. Here’s our first recording that we’ve called “Round…

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