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Charity Begins at Home

Is it just me or do I have thoughts that YOU may have regarding charities?

OK, so let me set the context here and state that if I walk down any high street in the UK, any day of the week, it is very likely some guy in dreadlocks will be aggressively marketing some form of charity, as a means of getting another signature for a monthly direct debit from the victims bank account.

The dreadlocked bozo will be equipped with a clipboard, a fluorescent apron, and much more than an over zealous delivery line. In fact deadlocked bozo will completely ignore peoples’ body language and invade body space quicker than Robin realises the drinks are on Batman!

If you are in UK I know YOU experience this, “Sir, can I tell you about”, “Madam, would you be interested in”, “hi mate did you know we are”.. get lost you snotty creep!

It’s not once or twice I have been vocally dismissive to such activity, it has become a mini-hobby and my radar can now detect these “pushers” a mile off, and I’ll stare them out in the entrance path to the engagement zone!

“Pushers” is exactly what these people are, typically students picking up some extra commission per direct debit hook, or other do-gooders who have not really thought about the fact that this really pisses people off.

Ok, rant over and now let’s ask the question about how charities should be marketed.

I am certainly not anti-charity, in fact I think that a collective of people can achieve great things for the benefit of others, and those of us who are more fortunate can, perhaps should(?), help out those of us who are less fortunate. Charity can have its place, but what I dislike most is the way a good many people feel “guilty” if they do not give to Mr Dreadlock’s oh so wonderful pitch, they feel bad, they feel to be somehow mean, or nasty, even though many of these people probably need their hard earned bucks themselves for a new pair of shoes for their own children. It is the pressure sale in the high-street I dislike and a LOT, it’s become and occupation and a career.

I sponsored a charity conference a few months ago in the 3D world of SecondLife by donating space and enabling an event to take place with my friend Pauline. The idea for the conference was to raise the awareness of differing methods of marketing charity and how to use a community to collectively support a cause (which I do support).

A friend of mine Mike sent me an invite to a Ghana Aid which is a good example of how to raise awareness and funds for a charity/cause. This is how these things should work, where a mass of people engage in something together and share. This is the exact opposite of Mr Dreadlock Pusher, (full disclosure I have no issue with dreadlocks).

Is this just me, what do you think? Is this just the UK? Is it just me?