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Corporate words that get on your nerves

A Twitter friend of mine, Bryper was asking the question today about words that annoy us in the corporate world, you know those over used catch phrases and those buzz words which so many people can pick up on in an organisation, and before you know it become engrained in the culture…. Yuck…

I have so many on my list, so many I dislike and not only in corporate speak either, even in the new-media, the social-media, the web2.0 area there are dozens I dislike, such as “rockstar” or various other nonsense terms.

This may be because I am from UK and, well, we simply don’t aspire to such heights, or labels, in fact that’s probably very likely, it’s a cultural thing right?

Anyway back to corporate speak, my current BIG dislike is: SYNERGY, I can tell you I detest the way this is over used, and picked up on by so many people in my circles, it nauseates me immensely, particularly when someone clasps both sets of fingers together in a “bonding” type of gesticulation….

Dear me it is making me angry as I think of it….

But what about you, what are your dislikes used in the corporate world, maybe we can help out Bryper and show him your thoughts… ?