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Facebook Chat

Facebook chat will aid in the reduction of publishing on the platform: Discuss

So Facebook rolls out a chat application this morning, I log in to find a list of “online friends” ready as potential victims for me to pounce on for synchronous chat!

I don’t know about you, but I do like live chat, I mean hell I’ve used it as a business platform for about 8 years, chatting with clients and students all over the world, it’s always been my office. I remember using Yahoo! extensively with students for 4 years, as our “virtual classroom”, and even added away messages like “this is my office knock first”, or “I’m in the garden making fireworks”, poor attempts and installing a sense of go away I am busy right now.

So I’m comfortable with chat.

Already today I chatted with Jeff, Maz, Daniel, Ben, Matthias, kfir, CJ,

I do prefer though the time one has in email, the reflection time, to ponder and to measure, chat removes that and of course demands immediate attention.

Regardless of how you feel about chat itself, do you think it might actually decrease the amount of publishing on the platform itself? If you can instantly contact and ask a friend something, why would you publish, notes, forums posts and various bits and bobs?

What’s your thoughts?