Gatwick Texas

I’m sitting in my living room waiting for the taxi to take me to Gawick. Today I have a flight out with American Airlines to Dallas, Texas.

I’ll be posting a few blogs of trip, of course when I get internet access, which should be fairly regularly to be honest. I have a couple wi-fi cards and many of the public parks in modern cites, not to mention bars, cafes have wi-fi zones.

I was thinking of getting one of those cute key ring wi-fi detectors would give me an easy way of finding the “zone”, we’ll see what they have in duty free at Gatwick, could come in handy. I’m expecting to be shattered by the time I arrive, tis a 10 hour flight and it will feel like half past midnight to me, while my mate will be bouncing around wanting to go eat pizza.

I’m off.

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