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I asked the question today:

“do you create / generate originality of concept, or are you more of a re-mixer? Like a DJ”

I was in one of those states of mind when reading/listening to some regurgitated bullshit on the web, the kind of balls that has been done and said a millions ways before, yet spoken with fresh enthusiasm as if the idea were new, well I guess it might have been to them, which is neat, but you see in academia you are supposed to hat tip.

What happened to standing on the shoulders of giants, what happened to graceful hat tips to the fore-fathers, are we losing that ability?

Anyway, here are some responses by the way of a REMIX, seems it is a popular question.

fauxpress @audio a re-mixer – of life’s little events. Definitely. Recently learned I’m not creative in the least when it comes to story-telling. 12 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

Hedgewytch Icon_red_lock @audio Was that one for @Ernmander? 9 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

sleepydog @audio cool question to contemplate on a Sunday, I’ll have to think about that. initial thought mostly remixing – leads to some originality 8 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

tindle @audio create. I don’t mix, or, generally, cover, at least as me. The band I play live in is a covers band though.. 7 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

sleepydog @audio we mostly operate in the gaps so learnings from existing models, silos etc are invaluable. Original thought is prevalent but trickier 3 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

pcmcreative @audio i facilitate creative vision. Turning concepts in to reality. Purposeful collaboration. 2 minutes ago from dabr in reply to audio

jobucks @audio aren’t we all remixers? the division is retweeting and remixing? 2 minutes ago from web in reply to audio

What do you think about it?

Personally I’ve never much been into re-mixes before, though I can appreciate that from a re-mix can be born new ways of appreciation, and fresh idea generation. And I must admit this is a pretty neat re-mix.

A Little Less Conversation

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