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I met up with John today after booking a rehearsal space in Stithians. You can see a pic below of the rehearsal space where we met for a couple hours. I’ve not seen John for a year or maybe more, though we have spoken a few times recently on the phone.

I came with my guitar today and it was real easy to plug into a small little Marshall valve state guitar combo and get a reasonably good noise. I don’t intend to have a reasonably good noise for this reunion gig, but I’ll use my big ole Line6 stack which has a very good noise.

So we spent a couple hours running through some old tunes which really did come back fairly easily to us, I even added in some harmonies which were not present in our versions of these tunes back in the late 80s. I’m not sure if the harmonies are a good idea or not really, we might sound like we can play a bit too much now, which we didn’t really back then.

We’ll have band rehearsal within a few weeks now I guess.

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