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Robin Hill

Robin Hill


Robin Hill the musician playing his guitar

As I write this small post I have Robin Hill in my head.

The reason for this post is that I have been “tagged” in a post, as part of one of those chain-tagging concepts. I have been a part of these before, though from different people.

Anna, tagged me, possibly as she knew that a site with reasonably good page rank and traffic in a somewhat related niche will help her own rankings out, if she didn’t know that she does now, and so do you.

Anna states:

“3)Audio aka Chris Hambly, and Chris’s site here. Because Chris is a web developer and specializes in marketing, search optimisation etc. So should understand…”

So today Anna’s Robin Hill site is placed at position 6 in Google for: Robin Hill. If my strategy is correct that will change once Google re-indexes this page right here, along with my call to action from others (if they comply).

So I’m not going to stop there I am now also going to tag 6 people, that’s how it works. But to also make explicit the SEO slant (hey I work in this give me a break).

You see personally, as a tag tactic I find the small “social” traffic figures of random people coming along and reading a post to be insignificant to ranking in the top three of Google… which is why you’ll generally always find me getting my tool box out for that specific reason. Tagging is all well and good but I’m not that interested unless there is a search outcome.

So the following 6 people are tagged, but you are being asked to link to differing pages only with the keywords I am telling you to use below.

Why? – because I want to rank higher for these keywords plain and simple.

What must you do:

Create a link to my site using the keywords and links I specify.

  1. Jo positive psychology Jordan . Link as follows: “Online Education” (world domination)
  2. Hugh cartoons business MaCleod. Link as follows “Savile Row” (I buy suits there)
  3. Joanne business coach for technology Jacobs. Link as follows: “mo blog” (There I am)
  4. Steve microsoft security Lamb. Link as follows: “submit press releases
  5. (security ones too)

  6. Neville intersection of business Hobson. Link as: “Web Development Consultancy” (that’s what I do)
  7. Jedi Giovanni keyword phrase and link “Social Media Expert
  8. ” (arguable definitions)

    You will notice that I have tagged you with keyword phrases that you do not currently appear for (though that should change after my efforts here) – yes you can send me gifts if you like.

    Once you have linked to me you tag 6 others, of course in any way you wish..