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Server Hosting

It struck me today that you might not be aware that my business has its own fast internet server.

I’ve had a dedicated internet server since about 2000 and in fact with the same company too and over the years literally hundreds of sites have had the benefit of it.

Currently we host a whole variety of client sites some large some small, some niche sites, some full blown community portals and even schools!

But why am I writing a blog post about this? – well it’s just that it crossed my mind that you might know a friend, or even need a hosting solution yourself for your website.

The hosting is not cheap, nor expensive, we range from 25 pounds a month to well over 500, depending on the service and bandwidth but one thing is constant – 100% up-time, super-fast speed and very little restrictions.

So I just wanted to put it out there that if you need your website hosted or know a friend, just ask.
More soon.