Heard It On The Grapevine

heard it on the grapevine

A couple of years ago I had a call from a charming lady who was the editor of a variety of magazines… She’s was called Louise and she was chief editor of about five different magazines all in very different niche markets… They included Pets Gazette, Jewelry Times and even a magazine dedicated to the…

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Quotes On Twitter : How To Generate Leads On Autopilot

Quotes On Twitter : How To Generate Leads On Autopilot

I’m going to tell you about Quotes On Twitter : How To Generate Leads On Autopilot. I talk about why it works for me in generating leads and growing my audience. Basically put, quotes on Twitter works for retweets, and growing your audience. When I started using Twitter in early February in 2007 it was…

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Social Influence Measurement Read On

Social Influence Measurement

I just read Will McInnes Blog concerning MeasurementCamp and my brief thoughts are as follows:

A superb idea indeed and more importantly the correct format IMHO, structure is needed, probably more so when overt hierarchy is missing (though it exists covertly).

Sadly I heard about this late, not sure how, I just did, so I couldn’t attend. However, had I been there (and I do hope to come to the next one), or one of them, I’d have suggested a branch or “gravitating crowd” invest a significant amount of time in some thorough research of the psychological/sociological nature.

There exists decades of academic research into “social behaviours”, numerous models for how “social influence processes” operate, and in my personally limited research these are widely varying models, suggesting that not ONE model is proven as “correct”, I can think of at least four.

It just seems to me that until that “nut” of conceptualising “social influence” is understood, choosing ONE model, and the measurement of it, will always be aimed at a “moving target”, if you will.

I’ll attempt to disseminate my research on this as I go along because it does fascinate me how many people seem to dive head-first into it, as they want to believe it is true – influencing that it.

UPDATE 15.04.08: I asked a psychologist friend Jo Jordan what her thoughts were on this (she commented below). Jo also helped my thoughts greatly on this topic by drawing pictures of my thoughts, I have posted them below.

Figure 1.1 Pre Social Media

Figure 1.2 Adoption of social media by many advertising agencies

Figure 1.3 True representation of the complexity of social media processes. Note that the community nodes may start as being the same singular community though as they are organic and constantly changing they naturally morph into different communities (with different perceptions), with different processes with time.

Take some time to look at these diagrams, Figure 1.1 is the easiest to understand, most simple, and the method by which advertising has worked for a long time. Figure 1.2 is where I think a lot of agencies are currently operating, almost using social media as a “bolt-on” with no “feed-back” loop, and also the potential to derive a crude metric based on purchases, proving the source of influence is registered. Then Figure 1.3 clearly indicates a complex system of organic processes, each highly dynamic, and each two-way dynamic node contains multiple models of influential process, depending on ones school of thought (belief) for influence reception (there are many models as stated previously).

It is with these further thoughts we are heading towards a more “process” oriented metric which rather than looking at the outcome (as in traditional above the line metrics) we instead study (or measure) the relationships in the nodes.

This post is now a work in progress.

UPDATE 14.04.08: I’ll be adding a resource list in this post as they are collated

Social Influence Measurement Resources

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10 Things That Will Aid Your Web Business

These are my 140 characters or less web bizz tips for the week, that I first post on Twitter, then blog here.

Let me know if you want something expanded by leaving a comment.

1. A prospect needs to sense credibility before making a buying decision, credibility is built up overtime, no short cut.

2. Build mechanisms to bring prospects back. Newsletters and free courses work well, so do forums and other interactive social elements.

3. Use persuasive copy which reinforces the user benefits, not how great you or product is. How will your product benefit a persons life?

4. Get a dedicated IP, forget shared hosting. Make sure your ISP gives you an IP address which is not appearing on blacklists or such.

5. Build own email lists, social media sites are good but you need your OWN, with your own privacy policy in place, own your data.

6. Check your site load speed, if it is less that ultra rapid you will be loosing surfers period.

7. Have more text than pretty pictures, search engines can’t understand pretty pictures, but they love text, like a hungry pac man.

8. Actively seek out in-bound links, make it part of your weekly routine, ensure the target keyword phrase is in the anchor text.

9. Don’t waste your time with time wasters, are you here to work or fuck about?

10. Publish content daily ensuring that the url, title and H1 are the keywords you are targeting.

Stay tuned for more tips, you can always subscribe to my feed with your email address, put it in the wee box on the right.

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FACEBOOK: Federal Human Data Mining Program

Social Influence Measurement

So today I had a business lunch in the centre of London with a friend of mine, Mike. We are both what you might call “eager beavers” when it comes to using new technology and might even go so far as to call ourselves new-media operators and thinkers.

Certainly today we were operating and discussing new-media technologies, for example we created an audio interview which will become available on the internet through an RSS feed along with being streamed somewhere at some point. We then went on to discuss online social networking tools one of which being the current big-gun Facebook.

Mike was asking if I had seen the footage concerning data-mining and the connection of some of the venture capital funds for the company, and I hadn’t. He then forwarded me the link to the YouTube video below.

So, personally I must say if this is true, so what?

Every time I place something about me on a site, a blog, a forum, I’m accepting that it could be used in some way for other data purposes, and more than likely it is, is that something I should care about, is that just the way the modern world works?

As a disclaimer, I’ve not personally researched the story behind the video, nor will I, as I’m not bothered, isn’t it the point that I’m sharing I’m an atheist, or I’m straight, or I am male, or I like music, with everyone?

I’ll continue to use Facebook.

What’s your take on it?

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