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Vodka + Orange Juice = Clarity and Friends

The key to the drink is quality vodka and quality orange juice, bad juice and bad vodka is just not good.

To finish this off I enjoy having a large segment of fresh orange in the glass, skin included, typically a large glass with about 3 shots of vodka.. ahhhhh a long long screwdriver.

One of the reasons I enjoy a Screwdriver it that the more you drink of these the clearer your thought seems to become, its a good alcohol buzz, it’s not a groggy beer haze, or a demon head spin, it’s pleasant and crystal.

The other reason this combination is perfect is that you are drinking large amounts of pure orange juice which is rammed with vitamin C of course. Hang-overs are often never present due to such a high intake of vitamin C.

So if we meet up and have a drink you’ll know what I’ll be having.

Update: A twitter follower mentioned it might be vitamin B which aids hang-over cures. If you know please do comment.