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Some of you already know some of this but not all of it, and some of you do not know this but may have had some clues, I have been excited at times and have been dropping hints. It’s time to “spill the beans” and share exactly what’s going on.

I received an unsolicited approach in the last quarter of 07 for a possible partnership/merger between my established distance learning portal Audiocourses.com and the global face-to-face educational provider SAE Institute.

After various negotiations we have now struck a deal and I have signed on the dotted the line, so to speak.

SAE was established in 1976 and now operates over 50 institutions in 21 countries around the globe. SAE has an exceptionally strong brand name in the field of sound engineering and music production, and also more recently, film making, games, and other media related disciplines. If you are a musician or budding sound engineer/studio technologist etc, this is unquestionably “the” brand, SAE is in fact also the world’s largest media education provider, fact.

Audiocourses.com is a pioneering distance learning portal working at the cutting-edge of educational technology since 2000. The portal has graduated students from most corners of the English speaking world, it is a specialist e-learning internet school, with vast experience and proven results. Considerable credibility has been established and the site is dominant in most areas of its core business.

Putting these two cultures together then and you can imagine the possibilities, exciting times ahead with enormous potentials.

Personally I am very excited by this deal, it is the coming of age of my company, something I started on the kitchen table and have shed pints of sweat over, uncountable sleepless nights and all the rest of that stuff you need to get your baby going. I’m chuffed!

So what will I be doing?

Primarily I will continue managing Audiocourses.com and with that comes the integration of the SAE Graduate College. I will also be engaged in helping restructure the SAE network of websites and market the online presence of the SAE brand worldwide.

These are huge projects requiring heaps of project management along with various milestones and launches and exciting strategies. Naturally I hope to share some of this with you as I work through it.

All of this will be carried out by my new-media web marketing consultancy company Audana, which some of you may recall carried out work for Crayon and Coca-Cola as well as other great clients through 07. Audana will grow steadily and aggressively extend its client base through 08.

Watch out for the official press releases soon.

Can’t wait to get stuck in, wish me luck!

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Chris Hambly

I offer a variety of training courses for building a business and generating income. I went from the kitchen table to selling my first online business for half a million dollars, ($500,000). I'd like to show you how you can do this too. Sign up for free lessons, I'll show you how to build a business.

  • Sam Ismail

    Dude that is AWESOME news, no other way to slice that baby.

    Big congratulations man, I’ll be watching/reading/tweeting with much interest!

  • Hilary Tyler

    Well-deserved kudos, my friend!

    Congratulations on your success and good luck to you on your continued work in this new venture.

  • Peter Goodhall

    Fantastic news Chris! sounds like 2008 is going to be exciting 🙂

  • Donny “Blue Eyes” Lafferty

    Nice cover, Don Hambly. This oughta keep those G-Men scratching their heads.

    All my best. (Kiss the ring).


  • Tara Yeats

    w00t, Chris!! Now scrape yourself off the ceiling and get back to that smoking keyboard!

  • Heather Dawson

    Many congrats Chris, sounds fantastic.

  • Gary Day

    Smart stuff fella.
    All the best.

  • Much deserved… the sound of success never resounded so bright.

  • Varun

    Fantastic news Chris! Congrats and keep that ball rolling!


  • Patricia ( Tish ) Mata

    That is fab news Chris.

    Wishing you much success with this and passing on the knowledge with students. I expect this will be

    ‘ the beginning of a beautiful relationship’

    warmest wotnots


  • Peggy Sheehy

    Hi Chris -You must be JZZED! Do keep us posted on the developments and know that you have a huge cheering squad in New York!

  • Massimo

    It all sound very exciting – keep up with the good work, GodFather!

  • Marty

    Don’t you love it when the ship finally comes in? I’m ‘waving the wheat’ (it’s a University of Kansas thing) in honor of your sucess!

  • evslink

    Hard work really pays. Keep up the good work! Remember everything is possible if we believe that we can do it. Cheers! Continue doing good and be better everyday. You are on your way to success. Love what you are doing and you’ll surely do great. ^_^

  • Ria

    Hurray! You are on your way to success now. Every individual who has been working hard for their goals deserves success. And surely blessings will keep pouring in when you continue the hard works and perseverance that you have as you venture to this new phase. Keep up the good work!

  • Asha

    Well Done you….

    All the best for the future :-))

  • Unknown Agent

    I do wish you luck but it doesn’t sound as though you need it. Success breeds success and all that. Congratulations!

  • HVX Silverstar

    Way to go… very inspiring, Chris.
    hvx silverstar (from Ramapo)